The Northwoods Band of Radical Faeries

Whether you are coming for the first time or returning, the deep forest calls your name. Our band once again makes its rendezvous with play and ritual, work and love, heart and soul, sweetness and laziness, bliss and transformation, sexuality and spirituality, rock and water, earth and sky. All faerie spirits (who may identify as bi, butch, dyke, fag, femme, fruit, gay, homo, lesbian, intersexed, nancy, queen, hermaphrodite, queer, straight, nellie, transgender or transvestite) are welcome regardless of gender, sex, age, or sexual orientation. In a spirit of respect for the peace and sanctity of both individuals and the community, no pets are allowed at Kawashaway during the Gathering and a chemical-free environment is encouraged.

Dinner Circle © 1996 Keri Pickett