Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Kawashaway Circle, 5/26/02, on the land

Present: Alan, Will, Scooter, Eureka, Rocky, Mitra, Oni, H, Bumblebee, Beebalm, Sage, Spiral, Braeburn Blue at the stove (he needs a cup of flour and gravy)

Beebalm urged that the circle start, Eureka wanting everything tighter

The Circle was begun, even as U or an L or a P

The Call
Stewards met with the Call Girls There was cost overrun in the printing of the Call; still negotiating with printer; authorized the payment of fee to be renegotiated by Will in consultation with White Ash

Eureka: why are we circling and what's going on?

Purpose of this circle: UPDATEING ONE ANOTHER ON gathering ISSUES

Need decision about Pride: to Booth or not to booth

Review which projects are in progress

Eureka has something more in mind


Some discussion about whether to have a booth at Pride; copies of Call available

Rocky: biggest challenge in past of a booth is not staffing, but clean-up at the end.; June 29-30; Scooter volunteered to head up the taking down part. It was agreed. Skippy the trouser snake : will he be making an appearance? 


June 4 7-9p.m. is the date/time for Gathering Circle. White Ash is currently working on web registration and pay on -line. There will also be a separate volunteer registration form.

We need a list of volunteer roles -- Beebalm will coordinate these. 

Food committee has already met. If you want to join, contact Beebalm, Topsoil, or Sunflower. If you want to mom, please let us know.

Possibility of a bigger gathering: we might need to be prepared for a much larger gathering, given the amount of Calls to be distributed.

Worthiness of a big gathering.

Pantry Diva-- Eureka mentioned need for pantry divas. (Explanation of diva role was provided.)

Bumblebee volunteered to be a pantry diva.

List of things that need to happen -- ;could this be made available (would be useful for newcomers)

Will: what needs to happen to the physical plant on the land before Gathering? Will wants to come early to replace the swimming dock before Gathering. (Concern about the safety of swimming dock.) Will will communicate with Beebalm about construction of dock.

Outhouse: could it be dug before gathering?

Current outhouse: how long has it been there? Does it need to be moved ?

Top number of people who can be accommodated? Water use, dining, campsites?

do we have enough wood or scavenge? We are almost out of firewood and what we have is punky.

Scooter said there is firewood behind cabin and some in parking lot. Will is doubtful that we have enough for the whole gathering.

Might this be the year that we clear firewood from the land? Lots of deadfall on the far end of the trail loop.

Will: maybe we could not buy wood, and scavenge out of the woods, if necessary.

Oni: A white zone is needed -- for loading and unloading only. (assorted discussion about getting room to load;/unload ice, lumber)

Oni volunteered his property for parking during Gathering. Signage would be necessary. (Will there be fines for violators? Spanking?)

Trash cans: we need a whole trash system.

Cabin needs to be cleaned up.

Rescreen the cookhouse? Was tabled to the next Kasa circle.)

Gravel for driveway? Hire someone to come in with a blade? (The guy moving Oni's house might be a good option.)

Docks-- the main dock seems as much of a risk as the swimming dock.

Projects during Gathering-- is it a good idea tot try to do this *during* Gathering?

There was some discussion about whether building should go on during Gathering. 

Mi asked whether there was a theme associated with Gathering? 

Pantry--Do we know what is required to complete it? Expense? 

(Side discussion about how deck and pantry planning.)

Scooter: not impossible to do both docks at Gathering.

Pantry is not such a good project for Gathering: 1) only 4 people can work on it at once; 2) skill level need is higher.

Rocky encouraged Oni to request assistance from faeries during Gathering time -- given all that he and Pollen have done for the Sanctuary. Oni agreed to work with Will on dock. (Will there be prostitutes for our docks?)

Digging hole for new shitter -- could happen to be done.

Well maintenance: is being handled by Beebalm -- arranging for professionals.

Braeburn said he wanted to find a Wolf specialist.

Food committee has proposed buying two more shrimp boilers (about $50 each, plus the tank); Will will have a tank to donate. Should be consensed at June 4 Gathering circle

Outstanding Projects
Design of new scullery space
Replumbing of scullery
Cleaning out of dump
Swapping in/out of stoves in cabin

Eureka has in mind to come to Land the weekend before Gathering begins for a work weekend.

Some talk of coming up at July 4 weekend -- but no commitments to do so.

June 9 - Urban Faerie Circle has been called, at Roadkill's place.

For purchase: wheelbarrow? (Will won't be able to bring his this year)

There was consensus for Oni to take the old stove away -- get it out, get rid of it . . . 

Another circle -- after dinner around the fire.

Hsssssssss to Scooter and Eureka for making the second shitter happen, to Boxer and Xeno for scullery addition and pantry faming.