Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Kawashaway Circle Notes

Circle Date Sunday, September 22, 2002

Present Braeburn Blue, H, White Ash, Rocky, Waterlilly, Will, Poilu, Eureka!, Stuart, Sunflower, Beebalm (11)


10:00-10:10 beginning ritual Eureka
10:10-11:00 Heart Circle all
11:00-1:00 Stewards and Friends Circle all

Old Business

* Proposal Proposal 

Discussion included opinions on the use of a form, word “Coordinatrix,” how the roles of Stewards and Coordinatrix work in the proposal, and when something does or doesn’t require a project form. There was a larger conversation regarding the proposal’s inclusion of projects that commit the community that has to do with whether or not the Kawashaway Circle also includes general faerie community activities that needs to happen, and which was tabled for the future. There was a recognition that there needs to be ongoing “cultural communication” regarding the intent and mechanics of this proposal. 

CONSENSED: The Project Policy and List of Questions is adopted as appended to these notes. It is also appended to the Sanctuary Land Use Policy. The discussion on community and/or Sanctuary role of the Circle was tabled. 

* Gathering Finances and Wrap-Up

A few notes: the Call was substantially more expensive this year than in the past, and revenue from the auction in the past didn’t go to the Gathering books, so this year looks inflated for that. In the end, though, it all goes back into the general fund, so we did make $X. The auction was rather successful. Next year, the loop needs to be closed on the Registrar/Treasurer roles. Knowing what came in from whom got confusing. Also, there was broad support for having a Gathering budget established before the February Great Circle. See action item below.

In other Gathering talk, Rocky noted that there seemed to be a lot of drug and alcohol use this year. A more general D&A discussion started, and ideas were shared on the clandestine nature of the use, nonconsciousness, what our policy/culture is, etc. It was noted that after the Ru Circle, the planned-for Heart Circle on D&A use in general did not happen, and a few faeries felt that lacking. Sunflower expressed an interest in calling a D&A free Gathering. The discussion was tabled for a later circle. See action item below. 

We discussed the idea of assembling a "gathering handbook", a how-to guide for Gathering planners so that they don't have to re-invent the wheel each year. Rocky said he'd get the ball rolling on that (and he has!). It was also acknowledged that we need to clarify what we financially expect of the gathering: Is the gathering supposed to break even? Is it a fundraiser?

New Business
notes on discussion here, action items in action section below

* Follow Up to Governance Discussion at the Great Circle at Gathering

-- bylaws revisions
-- communication
-- future meeting dates (proposed dates appended)

We ran out of time so these items were tabled. Eureka! suggested Donald E. would be willing to do a workshop on consensus-based decision making for the Circle sometime this fall. See action item below. 

Future Meeting Dates

Saturday, October 12, 2002 Kawashaway mid afternoon
Thursday, November 14, 2002 TBA 7-10 p.m.
Sunday, December 15, 2002 TBA 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
Thursday, January 9, 2003 TBA 7-10 p.m. 
Saturday, February 1, 2003 Hilloway 9 a.m.-4 p.m. (GREAT CIRCLE)

* Revision of the Adults and Minors Policy

Tabled to Woodcutters Ball Circle. See action item below.

Forward to Next Meeting

1. Bring a ding. We need a dinger to get everyone to task at the start of the meeting.
2. D&A discussion—surfacing the issues.
3. Revision of the Adults and Minors Policy.

Action Items

action: call meeting for Gathering finances and planning for next year
faerie accountable: Rocky
by when: October 1

action: inventory pantry and email the list
faerie accountable: Beebalm
by when: October 1

action: start a discussion of D&A stuff on the Yahoo! Group
faerie accountable: Sunflower
by when: September 24th

action: send e-mail about the project policy to the list (checkin with Rocky & H)
faerie accountable: Beebalm
by when: October 1

action: contact Donald about a consensus workshop
faerie accountable: H
by when: this week

action: check out issues around liability from minors on the land
faerie accountable: Beebalm
by when: Woodcutters Ball circle

action: check out Short Mountain’s policy on minors, sex, etc.
faerie accountable: Eureka!
by when: October 15th (or as soon as she gets to a computer!)


Kawashaway Sanctuary

Project Policy


We acknowledge our desire to have a community full of the vibrancy and constructiveness that result from intention and accountability. Lacking a formal process (at this moment) to set community-wide intentions for our vision and accountabilities for our actions, we nevertheless feel we need a process to provide for these two values in the ongoing projects we engage in at Kawashaway. 

The Project Proposal process will be used when Kawashafaes want to undertake any project which:

• requires spending Kawashaway funds or
• involves changes or additions to the land.

In addition, there may be other projects which the Stewards and Friends decide should go through the process at their discretion. 


1. Faerie/faeries get a light under their panties and want to do something. They circle, they meet, they have an idea.
2. They complete a Project Proposal form and contact the Secretary so it can get on the agenda of the next Kawashaway Stewards and Friends Circle. If there isn’t a circle soon enough for the proposal to be considered, one will be called within 30 days. These faeries might also talk to a few Stewards and Friends first to get feedback on the plan and advice on what should be in the proposal.
3. At the Circle, the Project is discussed and consensed, or not. The budget will be approved, and a Steward will be assigned to serve the project team’s Coordinatrix as liaison. 

Project Questions

Please include in the proposal for your project the following items and answer all the questions below.


Project name: 

Coordinatrix (who is in charge/who will we hold accountable):

Project team (who is helping):

Projected date of completion:

Total funds requested:


Complete description of the project (proposals that will impact the land should include photographs or drawings that show what the proposed changes will look like, and consider the impact on the land that can’t be seen with the eyes):

Budget (materials and services needed should have written estimates at the time of presentation to the Circle—no exceptions):

Other community resources needed (Gatherettes, people, etc.):

How does this project contribute to the community and the land? How does it call faeries forth to be more who they are? Is the community on board with this at the level they are needed?

What accountabilities will the project team commit to? For what does it need the Stewards and/or community to be accountable?

Anything else?