Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Kawashaway Circle Notes

**********Next Meeting: November 14, 2002, 7:00-10:00 p.m.—Rocky’s on Nicollet Island

Circle Date: Saturday, October 12, 2002 at Kawashaway

Present: Beebalm, H, Stuart, Bumblebee, Bearberry, Oni, Plucky

Old Business

Notes: We reviewed the notes and action items from the last circle. We talked about a process for getting notes out in a timely fashion--some of this dovetailed with discussion of communication issues in governance (see below). 

CONSENSUS: The meeting note taker will e-mail draft notes to members present at each meeting. After one week for revisions, the notes will be sent to the Yahoo! group.

Follow Up on Donald's Presentation: Donald has scheduled us for Friday evening, November 15th, location TBA. A postcard will go out from Two Bears with that date, the next Circle date, and Thanksgiving plans. See action items below.

Revision of Project Proposal: The proposed revised project policy was discussed. We considered that even thought Will was not present to speak for it, we would consider it and revisit it later as he wishes. Beebalm objected to the removal of the title "Coordinatrix'" and explained that it was meant for fun (-trix means a female who...). While others thought first of an association with "dominatrix," no one objected after the discussion to using that title.

CONSENSUS: The revised Project Policy submitted by Will was adopted, with the inclusion of the title "Coordinatrix." Beebalm will follow up on the action item from last meeting around communication of the policy.

Drug and Alcohol Discussion: Our discussion focused on continuing the surfacing of issues begun on the Yahoo! list. Those include:

* approachability * it's disingenuous to say no to alcohol but yes to other substances * possibility of more than one Gathering * Gathering habits vs. other times of the year * common spaces being free of influence * experiencing others; not liking the energy of others using * chem free week before Gathering * being asked to take responsibility for others and their needs for their space * liberty and the need not to legislate every behavior * having integrity in the norms we set and the norms for enforcing them * creating community and choices * guidelines for behavior *how do we come to consensus on the matter? * having times when alcohol might be enjoyed (work times) * how do we support faeries in recovery? * where do community norms end and personal responsibility end? * liability issues * why have some people been silent in the discussion so far? * why do we want D&A free space? * what is our vision for Kawashaway? * what is balance in this area? * how can we support each other around getting what we each want out of community? 

The conversation will continue. 

New Business

Governance Discussion Follow Up

By Laws Revisions: H spoke for the need to get more input on what faeries want governance to look like. Discussion about the fact that many do not know how we do things now. Need to get the current By Laws in integrity with our current state of affairs and then communicate that to the community. See action item.

Communication: Discussion of what information from the Circles goes to whom. What goes to which list? Snail mail vs. email? Separate list of people interested in governance was proposed by Beebalm and White Ash. How do we use postcards? People who have emails and are not on the Yahoo! list? Having an announce-only list? Kawashaway vs. nwradfaes list? These questions are referred back to the communications committee now consisting of White Ash and Beebalm. See action item below.

Community vs. Sanctuary Issue: This item was a carry-over from the last Circle, regarding what the Circle actually governs: the Sanctuary only or the faerie community as well. Discussion was tabled to the next meeting.

Sex Between Minors and Adults: Discussion included: * What is the law? What are the liabilities? * Do we want to be consistent with the law? * How do we create a safe space? * How do we encourage sexuality? * need to hear from attorneys on the matter

There was broad and deep consensus that we should eliminate the entire clause (No. 2) on A/M sex from the policy on unwelcome behaviors. We reviewed the clause on violence and noted that it included non-consensual sex. Also, Beebalm will have an opinion on the liability and legal issues by next Circle.

CONSENSUS: Remove the second clause on sex between adults and young people from the Kawashaway list of unwelcome behaviors. Since this is a policy of significance, the Circle decided to recommend that next month's Circle consent to approve the change. 

Financial Report: Not available at Circle time.

Fezzes: Oni would like us to have fezzes, since our non-profit status is the same as a lodge. Design and head-measuring was tabled to the next Circle.

Forward to Next Circle

* Fezzes!
* Financial Report
* Discussion of Circle Mandate: Sanctuary vs./and/or Community
* Drug and Alcohol Discussion
* Change in A/M Sex policy

Future Meeting Dates

Thursday, November 14, 2002 Rocky’s 7-10 p.m.
Sunday, December 15, 2002 TBA 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
Thursday, January 9, 2003 TBA 7-10 p.m. 
Saturday, February 1, 2003 Hilloway 9 a.m.-4 p.m. (GREAT CIRCLE)

Action Items

what: include general liability issues in discussion w attorneys
when: next week
who: Beebalm

what: form By Law committee to propose revisions
when: November 1
who: Beebalm, Oni, Bearberry

what: add discussion of an additional D&A free week to Gathering into the Gathering committee's discussion
when: by 10/14
who: Plucky

what: call to list to discuss communications issues
when: November 1
who: Beebalm and White Ash

what: call to list and via postcards for input on Donald's consensus presentation
when: 10/14
who: Hbird

what: get dates for other events to Hbird for postcard
when: 10/20
who: Beebalm

what: follow up w Rocky on Gathering meeting
when: ASAP
who: Beebalm

what: apply for D&O insurance to get quote
when: 11/14
who: Hbird