Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Next Circle Sunday, December 15, 2002, location TBA

Circle Date November 14, 2002

Present: Will, Waterlilly, White Ash, Rocky, H, Scooter, Beebalm

Before We Even Started

* Oni's modem

H discussed the difficulty of Oni being offline. Someone proposed we buy Oni a new modem and surge protector so he can get back on line. Others suggested someone might have the modem he needs.

CONSENSUS: H will see if faeries can donate the modem Oni needs or buy it with KASA funds (for services rendered) if necessary.

Old Business

* Follow up on action items from last Circle
--Rocky and Plucky had a conversation about adding another week to Gathering, didn't seem to fly for them
--Rocky will follow up on getting the Gathering historical society up and running; Will is interested in helping

* Drug and Alcohol Discussion

Discussion included: having a separate, D&A free Gatherette, having a time for a bigger discussion, like at GC or Gath, need to know what our outcome for the discussion is; desire among all to have a policy and practice that are consistent with one another; the need to say something about the issue; the nature of the problem being somewhat coming up always as new faes come home; curiosity about what is happening at other Sanctuaries; noticing that the discussion has the potential to be very long and potentially unsatisfying; desire to foster the right conversation; something like Visionarama; accommodating different learning styles; lots of issues are wrapped up in this one; seems we used to handle stuff like this at Gathering, seems like we avoid it there now; having a special event, using it to craft the consensus that might be agreed to at Gath; liability issues; developing a policy over time and presenting it next spring; where should it be consensed? at Gathering?; stewardship entails responsibility to make sure everyone is heard AND to make sure practice follows policy; have the discussion after GC, in March or April, advertise at GC; need for a committee.

See action items and Forward to Next Meeting.

* Financial Report

H presented the financial report. Details are available from him at hmmngbrd@rea-alp.com. H is in the process of consolidating to 4 CDs, one that will mature each quarter. We need to figure out where we are going as a community so we can allocate funds appropriately.

* Adult/Minor Sex Policy

The discussion was limited to the need to consult with attorneys about age of consent and liability issues. 

CONSENSUS: Eliminate the clause in the Unwelcome Behaviors policy on adult/minor sex.

* Stove Committee Report

We're working on it.

New Business

* Wood for Cabin

Discussion was about wood stuff: we think we have plenty for Thanksgiving; we need to have it seasoned before it can be used (new stuff); need to build sheds to protect it; we can tarp it for the winter.

CONSENSUS: We will order a truck of wood (10-12 loggers' cords) and have it delivered to KASA. (H made the call to Oni during the meeting.)

* Zuni Mountain Assistance proposal

Beebalm and Eureka! proposed that KASA assist Zuni in completing its $5000 fundraiser for repairs to their solar array. They now have about $3200. 

Discussion included: abundance; need to help other faeries; need to get clear on what our spending priorities are.

CONSENSUS: KASA will contribute $500 immediately to ZMS. In addition, we will conduct a pledge drive to be finished by Solstice among KASA faes. KASA will match any and all pledges above the original $500 up to the amount needed by ZMS to complete the array. Beebalm will run the pledge drive.

* Survey

Linwood (our neighbor) is having his land surveyed. H proposed we take the opportunity to have the same surveyor survey the south boundary of the sanctuary. 

Discussion: we need to know where our land is; it'll be cheaper doing both at once. 

CONSENSUS: Approve spending for survey of the south property line. Oni and H will facilitate this. 

* Governance Discussion Continued

--By Laws revision committee: waiting for Oni to get back online and will then announce committee for volunteers.


White Ash and Beebalm presented a draft communications plan for consideration.

Discussion included: problems with Yahoo! groups and other lists; need for the GG list to go out sooner after Gathering; LOTS of discussion on the minutiae of the technology involved; concern that we not limit the ways people get information, and attend to multiple preferences for how people get stuff.

CONSENSUS: Adopt the Communications Plan with language that reflects that faes can choose more than one option to receive info.

--mandate of the Circle: community and/or KASA?

Forwarded to the next Circle, and probably many thereafter.

--Pink Papers

Beebalm has been compiling all the info we know is out there on KASA governance into the Pink Papers. We will get them online and provide them to Stewards and Friends ASAP. Please contact Beebalm if you have info or policies that should be included.

* renewal process for Stewards

Discussion: Beebalm suggested that the GC in February was envisioned partly as a time to celebrate new leadership in the community by Stewards stepping into their roles at that time; we reviewed past procedures for becoming a Steward, none of which are encoded in policy or the by laws; their was discussion about not needing so formal a process, and concern that having no formal process might entail some risk; Will wanted it to be clear in our invitation to others to become Stewards that the role involves stepping into the mystery of how fae governance will evolve. There was consensus that we needed more discussion on the definition of Stewardship and pitching the role for others.

Forward to Next Meeting

* mandate of the Circle: community and/or sanctuary?
* defining stewardship and pitching the role to faeries
* drug and alcohol day planning committee

Forward to Great Circle

* future visioning for KASA (and community?)
* community and/or sanctuary mandate question

Future Meeting Dates

Sunday, December 15, 2002 TBA 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
Thursday, January 9, 2003 TBA 7-10 p.m. 
Saturday, February 1, 2003 Hilloway 9 a.m.-4 p.m. (GREAT CIRCLE)

Action Items

action: post message about D&A discussion day to list
who: Will
when: by 11/30

action: send legal questions email to Stewards and contact Richard re: legal services
who: Beebalm
when: ASAP

action: follow up on getting modem to Oni
who: H
when: by next circle