Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Duluth Circle
H's Home

Circle Date April 5, 2003

Next two Circles

  • Monday, May 5, 2003, 7:00 p.m., at Rocky's place (White Ash and
    Two Bears to facilitate)
  • Saturday and Sunday, May 24-25, 2003 on the Land (Two Turtles and
    Beebalm and Eureka! Will tri-facilitate)


Present: Pollen*, Oni*, Stuart*, Tanya, Two Turtles*, Beebalm*, Eureka!, H*, Randy, Rocky*, Two Bears*, Waterlilly*, Braeburn Blue*, White Ash, Xenogamy*, Will, Teddy Bear*, Bearberry* (Will and White Ash facilitating)

* indicates Stewards

Hold for Future Circles

• Pantry
• Discussion of criteria for determining impact on the land


[White Ash intervening here: here is a graphical representation of the Duluth Circle's agenda]


List the tasks and functions it takes to maintain Kawashaway and/or
the Northwoods community.

Shall this organization focus on Kawashaway or on the whole of the
Northwoods community (including but not limited to KaSa)?

What is our long term vision for Kawashaway?

What is our long term vision for the whole community?

What is the role of stewards? What is expected of them? What all do
we want to be their responsibilities? What kind of relationship
should they have with the wider community? Shall we change the
title "steward" to something else?

Planning for work projects at Kawashaway.

Plan for this event. Shall it indeed be held at KaSa during Memorial
Day Weekend?

Bring people up to speed on some of the changes that have been
implemented over the past year or so.

What can we do to get more people involved?

Is there an event coming up that needs some attention and/or

Discussion: WA circulated all the items that have been proposed as
agenda items for this circle. Faeries spoke to what on the list felt
important to them to discuss today. Some felt it important to have a
heart circle-like discussion around the mission question. Some felt
some attention to tasky things would be good today. We listed a few
high priority agenda items to dive into and then passed a talisman
to check in.

Old Business

* Road Grading: Seems the work was interrupted last fall. Discussion
of options for putting down gravel, whether or not we need/want it,
what kind of stuff to put down. Could have some dropped and some
spread. Oni has been talking to several people about what they can
do; Eureka will follow up with Oni.

New Business

* Stewardship

We discussed the process we have used in the past for
brining on Stewards: talk to a Steward, state at a meeting your
intention to be a Steward, talk to at least two Stewards, and then
become a Steward at the next meeting. The Stewards pledge also
includes a place for faeries to commit to a particular intention.
Discussion included distinction between Steward and Friend.

Beebalm proposed that we encode the process for becoming a
Steward. Rocky suggested this not be in the By Laws but someplace
like the Steward's Pledge. Some wanted an accounting of who the
Stewards are now.

CONSENSUS: We will encode the process for becoming a Steward
into the Stewards' Pledge. The following faeries were welcomed as
Stewards: Two Bears, Teddy Bear, Xenogamy, Waterlilly, Oni, Pollen,
Bearberry, Stuart, Two Turtles, and Braeburn Blue. Rocky,
H, and Beebalm renewed their Stewardship. Tanya expressed
an intention to become a Steward at the next Circle. We will use the
Steward's Pledge from here on out; we will renew our pledges at the
Great Circle in the spring, including the Memorial Day Circle this

* Financial Report

H provided a financial report. DETAILED FINANCIAL
IMFORMATION from the Circle may be obtaines by e-mailing Waterlilly
or H.

Beebalm proposed setting a dollar amount for expenditure
which need project proposals. Different amounts were proposed and
there was discussion about the exact amount. Opinions were shared
about the usefulness of the project proposal.

CONSENSUS: Amend the Project Proposal policy to set the
threshold for needing the proposal process at $527.39 and require a
proposal for any expenditures on non-KASA stuff.

* Mission and Vision

We decided to do a check-in around the mission question. The
question is: What are the important considerations in this
discussion? Responses included: a vision for stewardship; connection
between mission and vision; why do we do this?; do we value overall
community coordination?; need clarity about fundraising; vision for
KASA important; integrating KASA into every day life; statement
using the words radical and faerie; putting the people in front of
the land; integration; what do we mean by sanctuary?; define who is
the "community"; maintaining equilibrium; protecting the
community/land from threats; distinction between mission and vision;
integration with locals; preservation of the existing mission;
recognition that vision is fluid; including who we be and our

Will offered a distinction between Mission and Vision.
Mission is a statement of why we are here. Vision includes how that
will show up in the future in physical reality. Talking about
mission comes first.

CONSENSUS: We agreed to have a conversation about Mission
and Vision at the Great Circle that hits on the main discussion
topics we uncovered today and then use that to help a smaller group
write a new mission and vision statement.

* Memorial Day Weekend

What Else? Opening chores. Continuing the dock work.
Reconstruct Lola and Trixie. Cabin stove. Propane? Gas? Bar oil?
Some sense that no new or big projects should happen given the GC

Need for a Circle in May. Set a Circle in May at Rocky's.
Gauging from a brief check in about how the Circle felt with White
Ash and Will facilitating seemed to return a positive vibe and a
desire to see more of the same. All were encouraged to take a turn
in facilitation of our Circles, modeling after how it had been done
today, or experimenting with something different.

Great Circle: We talked about when to schedule the

GC Agenda:
• Mission and Vision
• Role of the Stewards
• Organizational/Operational Update
• Gathering Planning Update

* Jobs

H talked about the need for having people serve as
point people for tasks that need to get done on the land and someone
to make sure there will be a host for upcoming meetings. We agreed
to table this discussion until the next Circle. Will and H
agreed to come up with a list of what roles there are for Stewards
by the next Circle.

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Date Due Complete?
Make changes to documents according to Notes Beebalm April 29

Bring copies of Pledge to Mem Day Circle Lilly Mem Day
check on propane Pollen and Teddy Bear Before Mem Day
Post card for Mem Day GC Two Bears April 26
Get more info on gravel options Eureka! Mem Day
Gather list of roles for Stewards Will and H May 5

Submitted by Beebalm