Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Rocky's Pad

Circle Date May 5, 2003


Stuart*, H*, Two Bears*, Tanya*, Eureka,
Scooter, Rocky*, Pollen*, White Ash, Miracle, Waterlily* (Two Bears and White Ash facilitating)

* indicates Stewards

Hold for Future Circles

  • Pantry
  • Discussion of criteria for determining impact on the land (Pollen / Great Circle)


Mem Day circle, Kawashaway Sanctuary, Mem Day, Eureka Fac. Lily


From Waterlilly: Its my first time.... (sob) so shiny and new.......

Topics discussed
Mem. Day Weekend
Financial report
Update on Land survey
Pride Booth and or parade
Gathering planning
Call Girlz update

Steward commitment forms were distributed and collected.
Waterlily has Pollen, Waterlily, Rocky, H, Stuart and
Two Bears. If anyone elsee needs a comitment form e-mail me at

Survey Update: An update on our land survey was given. Cutting was
done and flags were placed . The Fly Over needs to be done. Not
complete yet, but soon. There was also talk on the drive's easement.

As always contact nwradfaesCircle group or post me privately for
the finacial update.

Call Girlz update
Well they forgot all about Miricle!, the Registar!
White Ash, Stuart, Waterlily, and Two Bears anounced themselves and
their assinged roles.
Finish date goal.. Pride at ther max, hopefully near Mem day
Estimates were gathered on printing costs and materials.
Design goal is to be fabulous without an exorbant price.
A funding limit of $0-500 was set.
The call girls willl have a project proposal in soon.

Miricle is the contact for the pride commitee.
Booth we have, (lets pray by shady trees) no notice has been
received from the pride comitee yet.
Miricle will look for costs of parade participation.
Interested Parade go-ers and mak-ers aand do-er Please Post desire
on nwradfaes list.

Gathering planning
Its that time again!
Scooter will be hosting all gathering planing meetings through
aug 31st at his home. The First one is on Thurs the 15th of may.

Rate raising for gathering was discussed but will be decided on at
memorial day

On that note MEMORIAL DAY!
Circle is desired
Opening chores will be a'waitin!
Great Circle
Eureka to facilitate, Anyone else?
Any agenda items?

Laterz... Lily........