Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date ~ June 10, 2003

E's Lounge

Next two Circles

• none decided ~ posted to nwradfaesCircle list


The circle rounded itself out at about 7:15 p.m. with Eureka, Sunflower,Miracle and Two Turtles in attendance at Eureka's house. Two Turtles being the one declared steward. Chocolate covered mint cookies were served and tea was drinked by all.

(1 / 15 total - no quorum)


• To raise or not to raise the amount we request for Gathering attendance
• Discuss meaning of the term “Great Circle” and its role in our Northwoods community
• Carrying forward proposed discussions from the Great Circle
• Organizational/Operational Update
• Gathering Planning Update

New Business

• Quorum Discussion:
Eureka wondered if it was appropriate to have a circle with so few members and only one steward present. We discussed the question "What is a quorum?" We realized that we do not know the official number of current stewards so we didn't know what number of Stews present actually makes a quorum, but we decided that one steward was probably not enough. We were also unsure as to wether a quorum was required for all circles or just specific kinds of decisions, for example, does one need a quorum to decide what kind of tea to drink or to change the bylaws of Kawashaway Sanctuary, Inc? (We have clarafication from KASA bylaws on this issue inserted at the end of these notes presented by Beebalm).

• Xeno & Beebalm's Proposal:
Xeno dropped off a proposal for the circle to discuss "Water and Sanitation Pilot Program" Description: Proposal to add a water reservoir near scullery and kitchen.
[Xeno or Beebalm, if you have a copy of the text from your proposal I can insert it in these notes.]
The 4 faeries present agreed the proposed plan was a good one and we think since it is under the $ limit that requires official approval that they could go ahead with the project. There were concerns brought up by Eureka about the wear on the pump caused from the pressure of pumping water down another long pipe. He did suggest that maybe since the water would be running down hill that the pressure may not be as high as it is on the pipe to Lola and Trixie. Eureka also suggested that the reservoir tank may be able to be placed above the kitchen in the rafters. We approved the project and set a completion date of Tuesday, June 18. Eureka will perform a plumber inspection on June 19 and Too Turtles wants to too.

• Power Outage:
The power went out at Eureka's home and we continued to circle in the dark.

• Gathering Fees:
We generally agreed that the gathering fees could be raised: Registration Fee $25 in advance, $50 on-site (sliding); daily fee $12.00. The Call Girls can reflect on our ideas and do as they see fit. NOTAFLOF policy is assumed still in affect. Miracle suggested having a lower pre-registrration fee promotes early registration which puts more money in the bank to cover expenses before the festival, gives a better idea of how many faeries may attend for food planning, makes the registrar's job easier at the gathering so he likes it.

• Gathering Planning Update:
No planners attended the circle. Call Girls are meeting next week to
finalize the Call design. Registrar is Miracle for 2003. No food plan is known yet. We think two people excited about food planning could get the ball rolling. Two Turtles said he would be one of two if there could be someone to help him out. He said he would post a request to the big list. TT will be gone June 26-July 4 and hopes to have someone commit before he leaves. How can we support the food planners? Can we provide spending guidelines, a list of resources/sources Zupps? A local buying club? Local co-p? Recipies? Miracle offered to work on a food planning book, asking previous food planners to contribute helpful info and putting it all together in one place.

And then we talked some more and went home. Oh, the power came back on so we were in the light again sometime during the talking part of the circle.

Respectfully submitted

In the light
- Miracle

• RE: Quorum Clarification--

"A quorum for making binding decisions at Membership Circles will be
twenty-five percent (25%) of all Stewards, except when a member is being removed (in this case a quorum is a majority of all Stewards), or when bi-laws are being amended (in this case a quorum is thirty-three percent (33%))." --By Laws (on the web at www.kawashaway.org!)

The current Stewards are Pollen*, Oni*, Stuart*, Tanya*, Two Turtles*,
Beebalm*, H*, Rocky*, Two Bears*, Waterlilly*, Braeburn Blue*, Xenogamy*, Will*, Teddy Bear*, Bearberry* (15 total)

Agenda for Next Circle

• Discuss meaning of the term “Great Circle” and its role in our Northwoods community
• Carrying forward proposed discussions from the Great Circle
• Organizational/Operational Update
• Gathering Planning Update
• Compost

• Facilitating / Co-Facilitating circles ~ do we want / value that?