Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Saturday, July 19, 2003 at Kawashaway

Future Circle Dates

  • During Gathering Kawashaway
  • Labor Day Weekend Kawashaway
  • Woodcutters Ball (10/10-12) Kawashaway


Pollen*, Xeno*, White Dragon, Bearberry*, Bruce, Beebalm*
(4/15 Stewards = Quorum)

* indicates Stewards


There was no agenda prior to the Circle. We convened while waiting for the tester cookies to emerge from the oven and after having rescued the cookhouse from the Artlip floods…

We brainstormed agenda items:

• Water system budget
• Residents at Kawashaway

Old Business

• water system budget: Xeno had been approved for a budget of $200 for the water system at the last Circle; his costs finished up at about $400. He discussed this in between cookie batches; they were sugar cookies and were very good. Xeno reports that the water system is done for now but improvements can still be made if desired.

CONSENSUS: We will reimburse Xeno for his extra expenses for the water project.

We also noted that we were a bit unclear as to the process for someone who wanted to buy necessary items for the sanctuary that wouldn’t need a Circle to approve them.

New Business

  • residents at Kawashaway: We felt that this Circle could only start the conversation about Pollen’s request to live on the land. We are in favor of calling a Circle at Gathering to address the question; Pollen will do so. We discussed: the need to have good process around the decision; the possibility that residents might make more difficult the possibility of being alone on the land—we recognize that the decision would create a shift in what community looks like on the land; Pollen offered the possibility of allowing for personal space and communal space both at the same time; Beebalm suggested that we not only look at how to “get around” the conflict between personal and communal space, but also to how this decision might evolve us as individuals and a group towards more community; Dragon pointed out that we take responsibility for creating our own experiences on the land, and we can ask for solitude, AND, Kawashaway is a small space; Pollen expressed his desire to have us see how the land around us is also our land in the larger sense; Xeno talked about acknowledging that other Sanctuaries have private and public areas, but the analogy might fail because of size differences; Pollen said Kawashaway might need a different model. We talked about what happens at Short Mountain. We talked about the difference between residents who might devolve into a more traditional property mentality, and visitors who might see residents, especially in the cabin, as “owning it,” and therefore staying away; we need to stay awake and not collapse into assumptions. Bruce suggested the possibility of allowing the Sanctuary to be used for short-term stays on the land as well. Dragon suggested we need a process for deciding who stays on the land for how long and assuring good, clean, and clear communication.

Forward to Next Circle

  • check in on where we are with Governance questions, including the scope of the Circle question
  • completion of the new pantry and redesignation of the Teahouse as a multi-purpose
  • renewal of the Land Use Committee and land use planning
  • clarification of when a project proposal is needed

Action Items

Action; Faerie Accountable; Date Due

  • Call Circle at Gathering on residency; Pollen; Gathering
  • Contact Stewards re: need to have Circles in cities in the fall; Beebalm; July 21
  • Review notes on policies about spending small amounts of money and email Circle; Beebalm; July 21

Submitted by Beebalm