Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

3 January 2004 @ Stella's Place, Minneapolis

Future Circle Dates

February 21 February 2004 @ Teddy Bear's in Duluth


Braeburn* , Miracle, Eureka , Stella*, Kiva, H*, Teddy Bear* and TwoTurtltes*

* indicates Steward

(*Stewards in bold – quorum of Stewards are present)

 No one is in drag – so it really doesn't represent a Circle of the Radical Faeries.

New Business

Books –

GLBT archives at the University of Minnesota needs a book, Stellla donated one to PGFLAG, Out for Youth Group in Duluth

Miracle now has them at his office

We bought 350 – no inventory system yet established

Finance report –

H – 1 st 3 quarters of 2003

Last circle at Labor Day, Kawashaway

Frankie Fundraiser

Plan for proposal for Memorial Day Gathering at Kawashaway

Steward commitments – no annual one at Gathering

Commitment forms?

Duties of secretary and finance diva – post to yahoo minutes

Braeburn volunteer to be co-treasurer with H

Eureka, Braeburn, H are signers on the credit union account –

TwoTurtles will be secretary, minute taker at circles.

Discussion of refilling of non-profit Secretary of State documents. Usually comes in December, nothing received lately. H would like to see someone take responsibility for calling circles.

H – more ongoing involvement in community and Kawashaway

Proposal needed to move toward doing the pantry improvement. ( Eureka volunteered to put out call for proposal)

Other improvements:

Road needs to be finished – estimated cost to finish improvement ???? – Teddy Bear volunteered to oversee the moving forward of that project.

Bath House – Proposal and design needed. TwoTurtles volunteered to oversee the moving forward of this capital improvement. Will, Eureka , White Dragon, Scooter, TwoTurtles, H, Xeno, Pollen,

A discussion that we should be spending the money for improvements rather than having it just sit in the bank.

H wants to see us focus more on general maintenance - well (water projects), bog walk, Pollen had a list of things that need to be done – good resource to revisit what he believes are general maintenance projects that need to be addressed. Kiva will email Pollen and follow through on creating a list for general maintenance requirements.

Discussion of setting up Yahoo list serve announcement to keep us on track with quarterly circle calling. Stella will be in contact with White Ash to set this up. TwoBears is willing to send out announcements snail mail to those not receiving list serve announcements

Long term capitial improvement: Old cabin replaced or improved. Planning needs to start now. Electricity project should be part of the discussion (stella). 4 seasons use should be addressed as we move forward with the projects, planning ( Eureka ). Volunteer needed to address the issue of long-term planning process for the cabin – including stove, (Stella volunteered to look into cabin stove issue) Interest in group, but not ready to oversee bringing together planning process…

Eureka mentioned it should just be an agenda item each circle. H mentioned the need for bigger picture landuse committee – Kiva mentioned it be combined with general mainteance discussions.

Long-term land use planning should be a part of all steward circles called. BearBerry has mentioned in past to be part of landuse discussion and planning, so has Will, TwoTurtles, Eureka, Teddy Bear.

Book Discussion

Inventory count

What do we want to do with book? – community value? Fundraiser?

Consensus from Asase Yaa conversation: should be cheap, often donated, and easily assessable. MHS, GLBT Historical Society,

Donate sticker needed for books (Stella creating sticker)

50 books set aside for donations from Northwoods Radical Faeries

list created to keep track of those donations.

Packing materials available at Miracle's office for minimum fee

Consensus on $10 suggested, $5 minimum to cover cost

Delivery from the 50 for donations is up to the person making the donations

Miracle will maintain list of books going out with suggested pricing

Idea to set aside books for other sanctuaries – to use as fund raisers for auctions, ( Eureka )

Memorial Day Gathering –

Proposal being submitted by Eureka , White Ash, White Dragon, and Glamour Boy

Queer spirit gathering, Thursday – Monday of memorial weekend, workshops, local teachers, chem. – free,

Work stuff will be coordinated by Eureka for a work weekend perhaps the weekend before. . .

No objections to the gathering,

Advertising for gathering – RFD, probably not a full-on call, details to be decided in next few weeks by Eureka , White Ash and White Dragon

Frankie Fundraiser

Update by H on Frankie and his lymphoma cancer

January 17 th , fundraising dance in St. Cloud

Other events have had jars set out for financial support

Proposal by Miracle – Kawashaway matching fundraiser up to $250

•  mail-in donations , e.g. up to $250, $300 or $500

put it on list serve – could either send directly to Frankie, or mail it to Kawashaway

Mailed to Miracle, written to kawashaway, up to $500 matched my kawashaway, one check sent to Frankie.

Submitted by Two Turtles