Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

March 27, 2004
12 noon or there abouts, Waterlilly’s abode, Minneapolis

Business first, food and fun second!

Future Circle Dates

April April 24, 2004 Waterlilly’s
11 A West Island Avenue, Mpls


Two Bears*, Stella*, Waterlilly*, Murmur, E!ureka, Braeburn Blue*, Kiva, H*, Ehsea

* indicates Steward

(5 Stewards present = quorum)


  • Financial Report
  • Buffer Land Buying
  • May Work Weekend – May 21-23
  • Spirit Gathering Update
  • Annual Gathering
  • Stove Update
  • Steward Annual Process


  • Financial Report

We now have 2 separate checking accounts set up. One for the regular Gathering and the other for special Gatherings (such as the Spirit Gathering). H handed out the financial activity for Jan 1 – Feb 29. Some upcoming expenses include the land purchase, the pantry and the new stove for the Tea House.

  • Status of Books

Money in, money. We’d taken in $750 by the end of December 2003. Since the first of the year, we’ve also deposited $210. Miracle has between $20-40 to make change. Books have been donated to Vita Russo in the NYC Stonewall Community Center, the Stonewall Archives in Fort Lauderdale, a student organization at Southwest University, and a youth group out of Gloria Dei Church.

  • Frankie Update

Frankie was in the hospital last Sunday where he received platelets and two units of whole blood. He has one more chemo session to do on April 5 th. When H talked to him, he sounded like he was in good spirits.

  • Buffer Land Buying

H called from the Buffer Committee. He talked to Plln and Oni. The land in question is approximately 100 feet from lake to corner line, about 1/5 th of an acre. The assessed value including additional cost for the survey to plot is $1200. The survey company will be in charge of getting the legal description of the land and we may incur a small fee on our part for it. There should be no charge to update the survey file. H will be in touch with Lynn about the sale of the property. Due to the increase in land, the taxes will go up slightly. No formal actions were taken.

  • May Work Weekend

The Spring Cleaning Weekend has been moved to May 21-23 to accommodate the Spirit Gathering over Memorial Weekend. Some duties include mowing the lawn, cleaning up various critter’s poop, get the covers off the screen house windows, oil the pump, sterilize the tanks and water lines and make sure Lola/Trixie are in good condition. Communal food sharing for this weekend. Additional work will be done May 25-26 to get ready for the Spirit Gathering.

  • Spirit Gathering

Postcards have been sent out and the website is functional. At this moment, it is unknown how many registrations have come in due to White Ash being out of town. E! thought that 6 people had registered and he personally knew 3 people who were going but not registered yet. There’s $500 in seed money from the checkbook. Mom’s have not been set up yet although several workshops have been scheduled. Also looking for someone to do the Ciao and Aloha rituals. May have possible dignitaries from New Mexico attending.

  • Annual Gathering

Two Bears was thinking we should designate a name for the Annual Gathering due to the fact that we will also be having the Spirit Gathering. Two Bears suggested changing it to Lammas, is a Saxon holiday celebrating the harvesting of grain. Other suggestions tossed out were Summer Gathering or Mid-Summer Gathering as it is halfway between Summer and Winter Solstices. Not sure if the Spirit Gathering is going to be a annual thing or not, so we will review a name change at a later time if the need warrant the change.

Stella volunteered to get a call out for Call Girls and to be a Host. Two Bears volunteered to do Registration. Braeburn Blue volunteered to host a Gathering Circle to get plans started.

Still need additional people to do other duties such as Food, Transportation, Rituals, etc.

  • Tea Room Stove Discussion

Two Bears had information regarding a stove for the Tea House. The stove that was there was too large for the space. If we got the appropriate sized stove, the Tea House could be used for people with special needs instead of them having to stay in the Cabin.

There was discussion over which stove would be appropriate for the space involved, the 2 dog or the 3 dog. E! moved that we give permission to get either one based on the dimensions and heat output of the stove and the size of the Tea House. Braeburn Blue seconded it. H sent an e-mail request to the distributor asking for the dimensions of both stoves and he will forward it to the Circle list when he receives the information.

On a side note, the new Pantry completion date is June or July.

  • Steward Annual Process

No change to the annual commitment. E! is interested in going the “officers” route again. There are possible changes due to the Bylaws on the Commitment form. Waterlilly agreed to take on the action of finding out what the Bylaws say about steward commitment and updating the forms.

Agenda for Next Circle


Action Items


Faerie Accountable

Call Girls call out


Tea House stove dimensions


Bylaw clarification on steward commitment and forms updating


Submitted by the most fabulous Ehsea