Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

April 24, 2004 @ Peat’s parlour, Minneapolis

Next Two Circles

Gay May May 22, 2004 Tea Time at KASA
Pre-Solstice June 13, 2004 at Peat's Comfy Couch, Minneapolis


H *, Bearberry *, Stella *, Two Bears *, Ehsea, Peat (fka Waterlilly)*, Ben, E!ureka *

* indicates Steward

(6 Stewards present = quorum)


1. Stove discussion
2. Call Grrlz Update
3. Spirit Gathering Update
4. Work Weekend
5. Financial Update

New Business

* Stove Discussion

Two Bears called Spring Valley Tents to order the stove for the Tea House and found out that the guy who makes the stoves lives in St. Francis, MN. They suggested he call the manufacturer directly and order the stove. After discussing it with him, Two Bears ordered the 3-dog stove, which will be half the size of the old stove that was in the Tea House. The expected completion date is April 28th and Two Bears will go pick it up to save shipping costs. The ballpark figure of the cost is between $200-250 and includes the metal plate for it to sit on, the interior stove pipe and hopefully an adapter to go from the stove pipe to the existing hole. H was wondering if the guy can also fabricate an adapter for the cabin and Two Bears said he would ask when he went to pick it up. If needed, H-bird said he could ask Plln to go over and measure the hole.

* Call Grrlz

The first Call Grrlz meeting was last week and was attended by Stella, Two Bears and Ehsea. A theme for the Call was chosen and we left with the action to come up with graphics and ideas. The next meeting is scheduled for May 8 at StellaMae’s place. He also said that White Ash had brought up the fact that the Chemical Use was missing from the wording in last years Call. We’ll make sure it’s in this year. While discussing it at this circle meeting, it was determined that this will be the 17th Northwoods Gathering but 15th Gathering at Kawashaway.

* Steward News

Eureka has lovingly committed to signing up as a new steward this year and Ehsea has signed on as a Friend. We discussed the annual stewardship commitment and so far, contracts have been received by Two Bears, Bearberry, Teddy Bear, E!ureka, Stuart, H, and Peat. If you would like to renew, send a signed form to H.

* Spirit Gathering

E! said about 14 people have registered for the Spirit Gathering, class times are filling up but times are still available. Right now, the need is for Moms, a Pantry Diva and a registrar (who may have to help coordinate rides). For those going up early to help get everything set up, the plan is to have communal food and the first prepared meal will be Thursday night.

* Frankie Update

Frankie sends his greetings. H thought he was improving and is getting out and about. The first week in May he’ll be going in for retesting to see where things are at. Should know more by then.

* Work Weekend May 21-23

For the work weekend, Peat says he can host the planning meetings at his place. We’re wondering how many people are planning on going up there, and Ehsea sent out a note during the meeting. Peat said that he has some stuff to go up to Kawashaway as does Rocky.

* Book update

H said none have sold at Rainbow Road in the last month. E! talked to the owner at Query Books and he’s interested in selling some of our books. There was talk about trying to sell discreetly books at Pride.

Financial Report

Due to upcoming expenditures one of the CD’s was cashed out in April. To alleviate multiple headaches, H paid the entire year’s taxes at once this time around. He doesn’t think there are any checks outstanding and he just got the March statement yesterday so there’s not an official report, just a snapshot. He did get the bill for $185 for the liability insurance.

Agenda for Next Circle

  • Lammas Gathering
  • Teahouse Stove Report
  • Cooking Stove Status
  • Call Update
  • Pride Booth/Parade Discussion

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Send out note to list for how many people will be going up for the work weekend. Ehsea done
Set up an adhoc committee to discuss pantry plans. E!ureka soon
Set up and host planning meeting for the work weekend Peat B4 May 21


Submitted by the Ehsea woman