Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

May 22, 2004 @ Kawashaway

Future Circle Dates

June 13, 2004 @ Peatís Comfy Couch, Nicollet Island KASA


Two Bears *, E!ureka *, Kiva, Plln*, Ehsea, Scott

(3 stewards present = quorum)

* indicates Steward


1. Call Update/Lammas Gathering

2. Teahouse Stove Report/Repairs

3. Cooking Stove Status (not reported on)

4. Pride Booth/Parade Discussion

5. Pantry Update

6. Miscellaneous

New Business

  • Call Update

The Call Grrlz have gotten together and discussed the Call, made some choices for graphics and the overall theme. Two Bears is still updating the text and that will be all done by the next meeting in June. The discussion about the wording for the Chem Free space for Gathering is still on-going. By the time the Call Grrlz have their next meeting, all of the materials will be put together and something will be ready to go to the printer. Nothing more has been heard of anyone coming forward about Food Coordinating or any other position that will be needed to be filled. This year Two Bears will be in charge of the pre-registration and he will be talking to Miracle about registration at Gathering. He liked the way things were run last year, thought it was a stroke of genius to have that all in place (individual registration, purse). Plln had an idea to suggest the Crooked Lake Inn for lodging.

  • Teahouse repairs

Teahouse Stove is finally in and hooked up, ready and waiting for itís first fire. Two Bears got a check from H for $250. Dragon and Two Bears paid $204.48 for the stove itself, went and picked it up. The piping and etc. came to $54 approximately. Ehsea, Kiva and Two Bears worked this weekend to replace the broken window and the screen on the door. The only thing thatís left to do is the rear window screen. The Teahouse is ready for occupancy for the upcoming Spirit Gathering weekend.

  • Pride Booth/Parade Discussion

Miracle has made the arrangements for our booth. It was discussed that someone keep track on who’s going to be manning the booth so that we have people there from opening to closing of the park, although Two Bears said he plans on being there the entire time. If we wanted to sell any of the books, the cost of the booth would skyrocket. Copies of the call and Radical Faerie info will be available also. E! wondered where the canopy is and Two Bears thought Rocky had it.

  • Pantry update

E! is preparing to come up with plans for the pantry but at the moment doesn’t have the time available until later in the summer. Scott suggested some metal cabinets that a co-op he is affiliated with uses that are completely rodent-proof. The plan is to have the pantry done by Gathering. A tentative weekend to construct the pantry will be July 9-11. There was discussion about whether to go with Sawtooth in Grand Marais for lumber or to go to Duluth to someplace like Menards or Home Depot. E!ureka will check prices.

  • Miscellaneous

It was requested that news of the water from the well being particularly tasty this weekend be put in the notes.

Agenda for Next Circle

  • Call Update
  • Gathering
  • Food Preparation
  • Pantry
  • Pride

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Check out the prices at Sawtooth Construction (?) versus the larger corporate lumber stores. E!ureka June 5th
Check with Two Turtles regarding food buying for Lammas Gathering Kiva June 1st
Check with Peat to see if he would like to host the next Circle meeting Ehsea done


Submitted by Ehsea