Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

June 13, 2004 @ Peatís comfy front lawn

Future Circle Dates

August tbd at KASA


Stella*, Mecca, Bearberry*, Plucky, Peat*, Jamin, Ehsea

*indicates steward

(Quorum? Iím thinking not Ė Ehsea)


  • Dogs at Gathering
  • Call Update
  • Food Preparation
  • Pantry
  • Pride
  • Ice Slutness

Agenda Business

  • Dogs on the Land

There were no dog owners at the Circle meeting and it was very hard to discuss this topic. We looked at it from both perspectives: that it would be unfair for other gathering participants to not bring their dogs and have to arrange for kenneling and then we allow Plln to have Ledum on the land, as Ledum is a resident. We decided that the topic needs to be discussed at a future Circle meeting and it is strongly encouraged that dog owners attend this meeting. We are hoping to have an online e-mail discussion about whether or not to allow Ledum to be at Gathering or not.

  • Call Update

Stellaís hard drive crashed and he says weíre fucked. Everything for the call was on that hard drive. Jamin is going to try and get Quark loaded on his computer so Stella can use the program to help get the call out by Pride.

  • Food Preparation for Gathering

Kiva volunteered to be the coordinator and is asking for a co-coordinator. Peat volunteered to assist Kiva and Stella volunteered to help haul food up for the Gathering, if needed.

  • Pantry Update

Mecca thought that E! and Kiva were going to work on pantry in the first part of July.

  • Pride Update

Miracle has gotten us a space and Two Bears plans on being there the entire time. Stella hopes to be there on Sunday to help out.

  • Spirit Gathering Update

It rained a lot and hard, although there were a few days of sun at the beginning. There were a constant 20 people and a magikal time was had by all. Some of the workshops that were offered: Sacred Dance, Naked Intuitive Tarot Readings (BRR if you ask me Ė Ehsea), Vivation, Awareness of Energy, 3-D Art Objects, The Work, and a Shamanic Drum Journey. $180+ was raised in the silent auction raffle [Milva presided]. The food was fabulous, although it was mentioned that there was a lot of Kale around. Due to the rain, the drive out from KaSa was a little harrowing. The road was covered with water at least 4 times on Hwy 7 towards Finland and Stella thought at one point the water was lapping at the bottom of his truck, it was that deep. Some turned around and took the Temperance River Road back to 61.

New Business

  • Ice Goddess/Princess/Slutness

We need to have someone volunteer for the position of Ice Goddess/Princess/Slutness. This would involve making sure there is ice in the coolers every day and having to go over to the Trestle Inn to retrieve it. Stella has the details. Plucky may volunteer.

  • Trestle Inn thank you gift

We discussed if weíve ever thanked the Trestle Inn for letting us use their refrigeration. A proposal was brought forth that specifically think of something to thank Sue at the Trestle for helping us out. Plucky knows that Sue candles ears and itís hard for her to get ear candles up there. He thought we should buy her an ear candle making it and will look into the cost.

  • Yard furniture

Peat has a contact person who makes Adirondack chairs for $6. He thought it might be a good idea to buy a bunch for KaSa so there is ample seating around the open area.

Financial Report

  • No one attended to give a financial report.

Agenda for Next Circle

  • Dogs at gathering
  • Other items TBD at a future time.

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Straw poll via e-mail to find out how people feel about letting Ledum be on the land at Gathering and then discuss at the next circle about other animals. Ehsea Done


Submitted by our dearest Ehsea