Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Please note ~ these are recollections from H of the Circle at Teddy Bear's pad in Duluth on 26 February 2005.

Greetings, from my memory some of the things discussed, and carry forwarded are:

  • Gatherings
    • Spirit
    • Lamas
  • Complete the transfer of KORB duties.
  • Wagon
    • Teddy did buy the green garden one from Menards
    • Breaburn stated he will get the two wheeled one from Fleet Farm in April/May.
  • Pride space
    • Kiva took the forms, and Miracle sent them in.
    • IMO what needs to happen, is to have those who want a commercial free space to figure out what that is and communicate with the Pride people about location if it is to be somewhere other than in the lineup of booths.
  • Getting and keeping current with the Secy. of State.
    • Paul took the forms and agreed to contact the office and see about using a Finland address. And to check again on the "officers" requirements.
  • For sure more carry forward items are
    • Gatherings
    • Duty of care
    • By laws
    • Officer selection
    • Database Status
  • Oh, yes, the attendees were:
    • Teddy Bear, (thanks for the fine faerie food.
    • Breaburn Blue
    • Pollen
    • Kiva
    • H

To the best of my memory,