Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

March 20, 2005 Stella's Skybox, Minneapolis

Future Circle Dates

Twin Cities April 24, 2005 @ 12:30 pm at White Ash's
Memorial Day Weekend? May 2005 at KASA


Ehsea*, Stella*, Teddy Bear*, Cicada*, Kiva, Plln*, Two Bears*, Braeburn Blue*, Suedwind, E!ureka*

Presenting Cicada and Ehsea as our two newest Stewards!

(60% of Stewards present = Quorum)


  • Faery Thank you to Betsy for the lovely quilts over the years
  • Gatherings update: Spirit, Lammas
  • Duty of care
  • Bylaws
  • Officer selection
  • Database Status

Old Business

  • Teddy bought a new wagon and it's currently being stored in H's garage. Plln is planning on taking the part that needs to be reinforced to a welder before they put the wagon together. The old wagon needs a new bolt for the steering but can still be used.

New Business

  • Faery Thank You to Betsy
    It was suggested that we commission our knitters/crocheters/weavers to make a blanket or perhaps a tapestry/wall hanging for Betsy to thank her for her years of donating a quilt for our fundraising. Teddy thought that creating something on the land Memorial Weekend might be a wonderful idea. We would include any written personal thank you's also.
  • Gathering update
    There is really no new news on the Spirit Gathering. The dates are June 16-20 with an optional carryover to June 21. The Lammas Call Girls should get together soon to discuss ideas. Two Bears sent in the notice to RFD for the summer edition. It was noted that we should put notice in the Gathering call that we plan to have a consensus vote about any changes to the bylaws.
  • Duty of Care
    This topic was tabled last time because the person(s) involved weren't present. Further conversation on Duty of Care to happen Memorial Day weekend. The question was brought up about what is already in the bylaws that govern people's responsibilities? They will be check for the exact wording.
  • Bylaws
    One change to the bylaws that has been brought up numerous times recently. It is to amend the requirement regarding notification of meetings being "postmarked" 30 days prior to a Circle meeting. As the bylaws do not mention e-mail delivery, the change would allow e- mails to take the place of snail mail notifications.
    The Secretary of State notification of renewal had come to Plln and he will update the form and mail it in. Plln has volunteered to be listed as "president" with the State with is our registration for status as a non-profit organization. This president thing is more about facilitation versus having power over everyone.
    It was suggested that a dedicated bylaws meeting be scheduled to discuss any changes that need or should be made to clarify what the structure of our organization is and answer any unanswered questions. There was also a mention about some of the official positions (Keeper of the Royal Dish, Keeper of the Royal Beads, Keeper of the Big Nothing) be co-shared between more than one person. We want to make sure that if co-sharing is used, that we don't lose focus with many people doing one job. A request for input to any changes to the bylaws will be posted to the larger Fae list.
  • Database Status
    There is nothing new to report on the database status at this time. This was an action to take a look into changing the database from an Excel spreadsheet to a database that can be updated online. One of the issues is confidentiality and security.

Forward to Next Circle

  • Database status

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Bike pump Ehsea May
Call Girls Meeting Stella  
Bylaws Review Meeting E!ureka April 23, 9:30am


Submitted by her finest Ehsea