Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

April 24, 2005 White Ash's Fabu Townhouse, Minneapolis

Next Two Circles

May 29, 2005 Memorial Day weekend, Kawashaway
June 23, 2005 location TBD


Ehsea*, E!ureka*, H*, Kiva, White Ash

* indicates Steward


  • State update
  • Bylaws meeting
  • Database update
  • Memorial Day weekend
  • Spirit Gathering
  • Call Girls
  • Pride
  • Land update
  • Financial report

Old Business

  • The State of MN has been updated with our officer name now as a current non-profit organization. Many thanks to Plln for stepping up and completing this.

New Business

  • Bylaws Meeting
    There was a meeting held yesterday (April 23) to discuss changes that need to be made to the Bylaws. Some of the proposed changes include electronic notification of meetings as opposed to the old notification of using the US Mail, having an Annual meeting in February at which steward commitments would be due, and a possible change to the name "Keeper of the Big Nothing" to "Keeper of the Skirt". This position would be in charge of making sure that meetings get called and the distribution of the agenda.
    We will need to send out these changes to the membership 30 days before we circle and the plan is to present the bylaw revisions at the Gathering. One suggestion for distribution is to place the updated/revised bylaws in the Pink Pages for anyone who wants to see them, but also to mail them out to the stewards and friends as per our currently bylaws. There will be a narrative on what the proposed changes are in this mailing and it will be in the form of a packet showing the old bylaws, the new bylaws and a old/new comparison.
  • Database Update
    We have someone who can use SQL software and has web capabilities to possibly help put the database online that is password protected. This way Faes can update their own information without having to send that information to someone else.
  • Memorial Day Weekend
    The plan is to have the annual spring cleanup over Memorial Day weekend. A circle on Sunday at midday is on the schedule. If you have any agenda items you would like to have included in this circle, please let Ehsea know and she'll add them to the list. An announcement should go out with the Memorial Day invitation that would include the announcement about making a gift for Betsy.
  • Spirit Gathering
    Postcards have been sent out and the website is just about completed. A few registrations have been received and we are looking for facilitators for the workshops.
  • Call Girls
    The Call Girls haven't yet had a meeting this year to discuss the Call. Ehsea will contact Stella and Two Bears and get this going. There have been suggestions of including something in the call about conflict resolution and duty of care. H suggested putting a call out for people who will plan the Lammas Gathering this year. Kiva will be sending out a note asking for a Pantry Diva for this year as he will be passing the torch onto the next person. If no one signs up for these positions, then they will go unfilled and everyone will be in charge of their own dining.
  • Pride Plans
    There will probably not be a commercial-free zone at Pride this year due to time constraints. We will have one 4X4 table in the booth this year, provided by Ehsea, placed in the back of the booth to allow people to come into the tent and mingle.
  • Land update
    Kiva has been up to Kasa and said there are some things that need to be fixed. The shower is completely gone. The pipes coming off the pump have both broken off due the freeze/thaw cycle. There are also many trees down, which is typical after the winter. If the weather is nice this week, he is planning to head north and will stop at Kasa. He'll try to get broken valves off the pump and purchase replacements and also inventory our food staples.

Financial Report

There was no financial report this month due to the newness of the position for Ehsea.

Agenda for Next Circle

  • Lammas Gathering
  • Discussion about this year's Special Project
  • Duty of Care discussion
  • Pride Plans

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Bike Pump Ehsea May
Call Girls Meeting Stella  


Submitted by Ehsea