Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

11 September 2005 in Miracle's Basement

Next Two Circles

Sunday 13 November 2005 @ Snake's 2pm
3432 – 17th Ave S 612/724.4712

Sunday 15 January 2006 (tbd ~ possibly @ Braeburn Blue's)


*Cicada, Miracle, White Ash, *Braeburn Blue, Snake, *E!ureka, *Two Bears

* indicates Steward (4 = quorum)


  • Bylaws
  • Quilt gift
  • Annual meeting
  • Woodcutters
  • Community Gifts for Gulf Displaced Faeries
  • Building Project Communications

Bylaws ~ Written notice to the Stewards is necessary. Stewards (and Friends) agreements are about to expire in November, but perhaps we can extend through February (for those who have fulfilled the once per year attendance requirement) to correspond with proposed annual February renewal. If Bylaws adopted, there would be an annual meeting in February. E! and Miracle to send postcards (as written notification) notifying Stews and Friends that Bylaws are going to be considered for adoption at November Community Circle. Decided on meeting in Minneapolis due to gas crunch (which affects two Duluthian faes out of 12 Stews).

Woodcutters ~ Friday 7 thru Monday 10 October (scheduled around Columbus Day holiday). In attendance that we know ~ Kiva, Mecca, Snake, Cicada (maybe). Generator, 1-2 chainsaws, hydraulic wood splitter, with folks who know how to use them. Budgeting $50 for chainsaw gas and incidental Woodcutters expenditures. Encourage folks to go. Focus on woodcutting. Move minimal amounts to Cabin, leaving the majority in the Cookhouse. Kitchen & shower tanks have already been drained and disconnected. New windows need to be shuttered so they don't break. Ensure pans are hung so don't catch water / snow. Slope down to bogwalk has been smoothed by Eureka and Tallgrasss ~ more could be done. Stove in cabin suspected to be hooked up and functional ~ chimney up and wood side is functional ~ don't know if gas side is set up.

Quilt Gift ~ Stella and White Ash (and others?) thought up a plan to gather pictures from all the folks that have won Betsy's quilts. 5-6 total. Need card to go with it. Would be nice to send a card to Hawthorne's mom for this year's quilt.

Annual Meeting ~ This will be part of the new Bylaws, and we felt it would be fine to begin planning the one for February 2006. Sunday 12 February (waxing towards full moon). 11am-4pm. Plan on lunch with performances.

Community Gifts for Gulf-Displaced Faeries ~ there are 16 we know of at SMS. They are looking for $75 / month per person. They will need winter clothing (Boston and Philly are already providing that). Money is always nice, easy to send, and timely for SMS. Checks could be made out to Short Mountain Sanctuary (tax-deductible) noting NOLA faeries, and sent to Miracle. We would like encourage the community to match $600 (one month's worth).

Building Project Communications ~ Several dynamics at the August Gathering pointed to some larger community issues. The self-titled "guerilla faerie action" of the kitchen redesign, running of the generator without a sound guard and without community consent during Gathering, and what were seen as other non-cooperative and belligerent behaviors from other faeries caused substantial friction and concern. As a community, and especially in recent years, it could be posited that we've experienced some relatively good flow of communication, consensus, and getting projects done. Some examples of this are pantry, shower, generator for Raw Foods, and this year's fish fry. Typically, one or more people have an idea ~ they run it by several more ~ it's brought to a Community Circle for discussion and approval of funds (if necessary) ~ it gets announced community-wide for input ~ and then it happens. Why then were there faes who aren't resonating with this demonstrated process? We at this Circle could only hypothesize, and many were left feeling disrespected, unsafe, attacked, dishonored, bulldozed over… We noticed too that once again, even though this community has a conflict resolution mechanism in place, it was not called upon by any individual, subgroup or the entire community. Stopping Gath for resolution has potential to be powerful and healing for the Community (we saw that with the Rue incident). At the Gath, Scooter mentioned he would like to participate in a Heart Circle around what happened. We at this Circle felt it would be extremely useful to see this Heart Circle through, with a special invitation to hear the side of those with whom there was conflict.

We declared Friday 14 October to be faerie night at Miracle's play "Mornings At Seven" at the People's Center (Cedar / Riv). We will look into getting a group discount.

Agenda for Next Circle

  • Annual Meeting ~ logistics
  • Consensing on Bylaws
  • Gathering Review / Debriefing
  • Treasurer's Report (Ehsea)

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Send postcards out to Stewards re: new Bylaws being adopted at November Circle Miracle & E!ureka 23 Sept
Notify folks about Woodcutters Miracle After WA posts notes to Circle list
Contact folks that have won Betsy's quilts for pictures Two Bears 13 Nov Circle
Create presentation for Betsy's quilts; notify folks to co-create, if they are interested White Ash before Thanksgiving
Buy / create thank you cards for Betsy and for Hawthorne's Mom and have those present sign. Teddy Bear 13 Nov Circle
Contact SMS to let know what we're doing. Is there a different urgency or do they need something different from us? Cicada done Johnny on the spot
Notify our community that we want to raise $600 and match to send to SMS Miracle 30 September
Contact Scooter re: Heart Circle White Ash this week


Submitted by White Ash