Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

January 15, 2006 – Braeburn Blue's Studio, Minneapolis

Next Two Circles

Saturday 18 February, 2006 - Annual Circle in Inver Grove Heights, MN
Sunday March 19, 2006 – (hoping for Duluth... ;)


Rocky*, E!ureka*, Braeburn Blue*, Cicada*, White Ash, Miracle, Two Bears*

* indicates Steward; 5/11 = quorum


1st Annual Circle

Saturday Feb 18th @ John Noyd's (friend of several in the community) in Inver Grove Heights ~ McMansion ~ woodsy, clothes optional, sauna for 10-12. Braeburn said we wouldn't smoke weed or drink too much. Rocky offered that we might steer away from glitter. We consensed to offer a donation of $50 to cover electricity and gas from sauna and kitchen use. We'd like to set up an altar, and KaSa will buy some flowers for that, and leave the flowers as a thank-you to John.

Encourage all to bring towels, pillows (for seating), altar items, and a foodstuff to share and to think about land concerns.

Proposed schedule:
10am setup
11am potluck
12 pm checkin circle
1pm 1st Annual Circle
3:30ish Sacred Dance / snack / break time
6pm closing
after ~ cleanup & Sauna

Suggested topics:

  • Annual Financial Report
  • Steward & Friend Commitments
  • Discussion of Community needs/responsibilities
  • Leadership Consensus
  • Land Report ~ Where we're at with certain projects / Where are we at with our Land Use Policy / Guidelines on what are and are not Land Use Issues
  • Archive ~ Where is our archive now? How do we want to keep it?
  • Lammas (or other?) designation for August Gatherings

Ideal to have a facilitator for each topic. Encourage to talk more in generalities, dreams, desires, big picture, rather than small details, and how-to's. The invite needs to appeal to all, not just to the Stewardly types. Pitch your ideas about the land, building, what to do between Gatherings. Focus on the positive.


Keeper of the Royal Beads

  • Consistently reports budgets and financials
  • Receive fiduciary reports from event financial point person(s)
  • Enjoys dealing with numbers and is comfortable with role
  • Reconcile account monthly
  • Manage cd's and cashflow
  • Keep expenses separated for different Gatherings and events. Details need to be included as a supplement, but report needs to be digestible snapshot.
  • Separates out capital investment expenses from annual operating expenses.

Keeper of the Fabric

  • Ensures Circles happen
  • Gets agenda out minimum one week before
  • Submits Secretary of State form / report (every two years ~ who is prez, what is street address [which currently is a PO Box in Finland which is okay in rural areas])
  • State of the Skirt report at the Annual Circle (will have to be done in 2007) ~ synopsis State of The Union-like report of the past year. Positive accomplishments and realistic assessments.

Keeper of the Dish

  • Ensures notes taken at every Circle & posts them to the wider Community
  • Ensures lists of Stewards / Friends and mailing lists are archived.

Two other roles mentioned:

Keeper of the Contact List

Keeper of the Online


Talk of when (summer job); Would be nice for it to be wider (will incur more costs). We can be doing the prep work here in the Cities, by making posts. Talk of instead catapulting folks with flouncing skirts on arrival.

Slope & Loop

Needs more class 5 ~ there has been some erosion since Tallgrasss & Eureka worked on it. Someone else has worked on it since then. Loop just needs gravel spread. Good to get the word out that any time folks are at Kawashaway, even one or more wheelbarrow loads of gravel would be sweet.


He seems to be gone right now. Oni would see if he parked on the land. We still want to draft letter.


Consensed to spend $70 on booth for Pride 2006. It gets more expensive each month we wait. We will be listed as "Radical Faeries" this year, and not under "N".

Community Chainsaw

Has gone missing. Before buying a new one, want to institute a policy on use and storage so this doesn't happen again. Proposed that perhaps Kiva and his new digs could be a reliable keeper.


Lammas Gathering notice sent in by Two Bears.

Follow up on Action Items from Last Circle


Miracle submitted an annual calendar of Community dates and deadlines. Suggested to put reminders in the online Calendar. Perhaps some of the deadlines could go in the Circle list, and not the larger list.

Quilt Thank You's

Status ~ White Ash has received pictures from Augury, has taken pictures with Carlos, and has requested same from Ehsea and Rainbo. We're feeling pretty certain that there were four quilts from Betsy, and one from Hawthorne's mom which went to Teddy Bear. Two stunning thank-you cards have been received from Teddy Bear.

Forward to Next Circle

  • Review project reimbursement policy for projects under $500
  • Bruce Letter, etc.
  • Consider policy around developing building guidelines
  • Phonetree & Communications Revamp
  • Klick compensation thingie
  • Putting together booth (for April agenda)

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Find out who are the signatories of the bank accounts Eureka  
1st Annual Circle ~ Make Email Invite Eureka week of 16th
1st Annual Circle ~ Ride Coordination ???  
1st Annual Circle ~ Make Printed Invite ??? week of 16th
Add annual Calendar events and reminders to lists White Ash  
Draft Bruce letter ???  
Pay Pride fee Miracle January


Submitted by White Ash