Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

March 19, 2006 – Sarah's Table, Duluth

Next Two Circles

April 30, 2006 – White Ash's in Minneapolis
May 28, 2006 – Memorial Day,at Kawashaway


Miracle*, White Ash*, Mecca, H, Augury, Oni, Teddy Bear, Falling Star

* indicates Steward (2/8 = quorum not met)

Follow up on Action Items from Last Circle

Action Faerie Accountable Status
Find out who are the signatories of the bank accounts Eureka According to H, they are Eureka, Ehsea & Braeburn, who is the acct holder
1st Annual Circle ~ Make Email Invite Eureka done
1st Annual Circle ~ Ride Coordination Eureka done
1st Annual Circle ~ Make Printed Invite Eureka & Miracle done
Add annual Calendar events and reminders to lists White Ash done
Draft Bruce letter ??? carry to next Circle
Pay Pride fee Miracle done


New Stewards / Friends

  • Augury
  • Falling Star
  • Teddy Bear

Oni declared himself a "Neighbor". Because of the updated bilaws, he doesn't feel that he could attend the minimum required Circles to officially be a Steward, and he feels like more than a "Friend" (and certainly is very stewardly).


  • Oni ~ could last another year, replacing surface boards. Pre-fab bridge could be craned in. Easiest and most durable is culverts with poured in gravel. Needs to happen before new structure.
  • H ~ no permanent easements for our land, including parking lot.
  • Bogwalk provides natural barrier, but Homestead hears all the time and checks out who is there.
  • Preserving old bogwalk in addition to new one. Maintain integrity of the land.
  • Caveat when researching ~ we did not ask permission to put in circle driveway ~ so we may or may not get fined as we look into approving different bogwalk solution (to the tune of several $100 / tree).

New Structure

Structure possibilities ~

  • Passive solar = cut down trees. Permanent structure like Earth Home likely will affect property taxes. Natural light would be a priority. Log cabins are a lot of maintenance. Something size of screen house but more square or different shape. Current cabin could be yard.
  • Yurt is portable in nature ~ less impactful, flexible (could be disassembled), easy to make several. Yurt class in Grand Marais. Might not require truck and bridge to get in.
  • Sucking silt from the lake and making fertile land (lots or rock right now) and deeper lake.

Fundraising ~ Needs to start asap so that we're getting the interest now. Need to earmark monies, so there is clear delineation, and stay in integrity if we don't spend on structure. There may be a mortgage. Consider taking out a loan and benefit from the structure now at current construction prices.


Electricity on the Land

Desire to have refrigerators ~ less stressful for folks with meds. Not a community value to have electricity for any other reason. Oni ~ if we're considering the grid, should wait 5 years. He and Kiva always talking solar options.

Memorial Day Weekend

Weekend of 27 May. Prepping land for Spirit Gath / summer. Have Circle on Sunday morning. Augury would like us to name the weekend.

  • food inventory for Spirit Gath
  • damage report
  • testing well
  • check propane tanks
  • Lola, Trixie, reassembling & disinfecting plumbing (including sinks)
  • bogwalk repair
  • switching over kitchen
  • Homestead items back to Kawashaway
  • inventory first aid kit

Faerie Spirit Gath

Monthly planning circles since January. Close to printing postcards and designing website. Funds are in a separate account for budget tracking purposes; however, they belong to the larger community, and the Stewards could consense to transfer funds out. We have repaid the seed monies. We wanted to "officially" declare at a Circle the ways we help the larger Northwoods Community:

  • Prepping / leaving land in good condition
  • Buying propane
  • Restocking kitchen
  • New first aid kit
  • Offering an additional Gathering
  • Strengthening the spiritual / energetic grid of our community and the land

Lammas Gathering

August 4 - 14

  • Augury would transfer his knowledge of Pantry Diva to someone who is interested; recipes are in Tallgrasss' possession for Spirit Gath.
  • Miracle and Augury interested in working on the Call, but not leading. Time for fresh new language.
  • Advertisement in RFD ~ $90 ~ 10 May deadline for Summer issue


  • Sinks are on their way out and will need to be replaced in near future. Miracle has one.
  • Propane ~ 100 lbs can be filled in Maple Grove in Finland (swarthy Todd manhandles them for us). Could do larger tanks that Como comes and fills (as we look into bogwalk & new structure).

Financial Report

Same as at Annual Circle


Proposing cooperative bath house venture with Homestead. Pollen, Oni, Kiva, & Lynn to discuss and figure out if this could be a win / win for everyone concerned and how the Northwoods Rad Faes could help. Oni would like it to be close to the lake and convenient for them for winter time.

Forward to Next Circle

  • Lammas Gath prep
  • Draft Bruce Letter
  • Redo Stew / Friend pledge & consider Homestead caveat

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Research legalities for bogwalk construction (Eureka as a resource) ~ behind the scenes first ??? by next Circle
Research low-impact possibilities for Bogwalk construction (StaggHoarne as a resource) ??? by next Circle
Research yurts, yurt classes, visiting yurts (www.northhouse.com) Miracle, Teddy Bear, Oni by Memorial Day Circle
Establish a new Dollar Girl$-like entity for New Structure Fundraising; Two Bears at Annual Circle; Miracle, Augury willing ??? ???
Memorial Day weekend notice Miracle This week
Memorial Renaming Waffle Topping Brunch Augury by 17 April
Lammas Gath prep call for help Miracle This week
Find out who are the signatories of the bank accounts Eureka not present
Discuss bath house possibilities with Homestead Oni by Memorial Day Circle


Submitted by White Ash (aka Rancheros)