Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

April 30, 2006 – White Ash's, Minneapolis

Next Circle

May 28, 2006 – Memorial Day, at Kawashaway


E!ureka*, Miracle*, Neuget, Tallgrasss*, Two Bears*, White Ash*

* indicates Steward (5/8=quorum)


Financial Report

Miracle presented a clear succinct Account Balances report from Ehsea. Over the last month, the only check written was for property taxes. Ehsea has wisely begun a tally of Spirit Gath expenses and income. All accounts continue to be in good shape.

Memorial Day

  • List from last Circle of what needs done.
  • Nobody present is considering going up. Will there be a quorum? Someone will need to take notes.

Lammas Gath prep

  • Lammas Gath Committee ~ There is none. Is this a collaborative community putting on an event, or is this a few people pulling off an event? This seems to be an annual concern.
  • Call ~
    • Miracle has looked over Calls in recent years. Looks like aside from the necessities, it would be good to start all over. E!ureka has agreed to be in on the rewrite. Overall theme of Lammas.
    • Considering postcard vs. large printed Call. More colorful. Could include phone number / address to receive printed application form.
    • List of welcome behaviors.
    • Gathering Roles ~ need to be decided before Call goes out.
  • Conflict Resolution ~ we consensed that along with the Unwelcome Behaviors listed in the Call, we will highlight and include language that Gathering attendees need to agree to our already consensed Conflict Resolution process. Could be seen as a welcome behavior.
  • RFD ~ redo language to reflect Lammas (imagery too).
  • Food Prep ~ Neuget is volunteering to spearhead (huzzah!).

Bruce Letter

Consensed to the following letter parameters::

  • Cannot be on land, including the parking lot and bogwalk.
  • If he comes back on our land, he is considered trespassing.
  • Mail copy by general delivery to him at Hovland, and have copies at Kawashaway, the Homestead, and (if she's agreeable) Sue at Trestle.
  • Sign as "Stewards of Kawashaway, Inc. ~ Owners of the property".


  • Idea to move Tea House stove to Screen House to take edge off when it's cold / rainy. Consider transporting and installing before Spirit Gath.
  • Two Bears knows of someone with a stove that might replace the one in the Cabin, which is on its last leg.

Redo Stew / Friend pledge & consider Homestead caveat

  • Stew / Friend pledge needs retooling to be consistent with new bi-laws language.
  • Consensed to add caveat allowing Homesteaders to be Stewards without the requirement for attending 50% of Circles in a year.
  • Consensed to add language that If applicant wants to make changes to their own pledge form, can write those changes on form, present to Circle, and Circle will determine if there's consensus that changes are reasonable in that particular case.

White Dragon

Our White Dragon has expressed interest in attending the Faerie Spirit Gathering 2006. Spirit Gath planners wanted to bring awareness to the larger Community Circle that the Spirit Gath Circle consensed and sent a reply/request to Dragon asking him to take certain steps to be welcomed back on the land for Spirit Gath. He has been asked to call a circle here in the metro area, before the FSG, to engage with us, hear from those affected by his behavior, and respond.

This request was based on pointed incidents at past Gatherings which could be interpreted as unwanted behaviors in our community. The Circle would be called with the intent to decide on whether he is welcome to return to the land for this FSG. We did not and do not presume to speak for the community outside of Spirit Gath. We simply wanted to keep the community informed of a decision that directly impacts a member of our community, and may impact others as well.


We consensed to $250 being spent on finishing the inside of the Pantry, like shelving materials.

Action Items

several forwarded from last time

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Research legalities for bogwalk construction (E!ureka as a resource) ~ behind the scenes first ??? by next Circle
Research low-impact possibilities for Bogwalk construction (StaggHoarne as a resource) ??? by next Circle
Research yurts, yurt classes, visiting yurts (www.northhouse.com) Miracle, Teddy Bear, Oni by Memorial Day Circle
Establish a new Dollar Girl$-like entity for New Structure Fundraising; Two Bears at Annual Circle; Miracle, Augury willing ??? ???
Discuss possibilities collaborating Finnish sauna with Homestead Oni by Memorial Day Circle
Post re: attendance Memorial Day Weekend ???  
Contacting H to see if he can be in touch with Duluthians and Homesteaders. ???  
Write Bruce letter, run by Stews, distribute Miracle & E!ureka  
Retool pledge language and run by Stews Tallgrasss  
Submit Lammas language to Miracle & E!ureka Two Bears this week
Lammas Food Prep ~ resource E!ureka and Kiva on past; find co-creators Neuget  


Submitted by White Ash, the gentle fire tender