Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

June 28, 2006 – Vera's, Minneapolis

Next Two Circles

Wednesday July 12, 2006 – Fire Circle on Nicollet Island – potluck – 5:30pm
Sunday August 20, 2006 – Post-Gathering, Mpls – tbd 2pm


E!ureka*, Miracle*, Two Bears*, White Ash*, Mellowtigger, Braeburn Blue, White Ash*, Tallgrasss*, Ehsea*, Gille, Scooter*, Rocky*

* indicates Steward (8/8=quorum)

Follow up on Action Items from Last Circle

Action Faerie Accountable Status
Discuss possibilities collaborating Finnish sauna with Homestead Oni Did not have Memorial Day Circle
Write Bruce letter, run by Stews, distribute Miracle & E!ureka done
Retool pledge language and run by Stews Tallgrasss tabled
Submit Lammas language to Miracle & E!ureka Two Bears done



Not on our land. One place towards Cabin is not safe. Could be inspected next weekend. Table discussion till after we hear back and decide in July on action.

Future Structure

  • Yurts ~ Teddy Bear forwarded email from Roald who is dubious about Yurt being a permanent solution. Braeburn knows others who have lived year-round. There is a 5-day workshop at North House Folk School in Grand Marais in September.
  • Plan (could be some overlap) ~
    • Community Circle specifically to dialogue about current Land Use Plan document and large picture desires. We have been stuck on structures in the past. This could be called during the Gathering ~ could be two Circles.
    • Smaller committee to research options and make proposal for Land Use Plan changes and immediate needs (including bogwalk). Proposed ~ main new cabin with several (2-3?) bunk-house sleeping accommodations.
    • Dollar Girl$-like committee. Establish grant plan. Put funds in a separate account.
  • Currently in Lake County, don't need inspection for buildings without plumbing, septic and electricity. This likely will change with all the area growth.

Lammas Gathering

  • Report on Call (Miracle / Two Bears) - majority mailed out; several given out at Pride where it was assembled. Box for people to check if want to be on Gathering Planning Committee. No online version currently ~ folks being encouraged to pay via the "Make A Contribution" link.
  • Report on Food - Topaz and Neuget are involved. Augury available for consultation. Braeburn has lead with equipment wholesaler. E!ureka has recipes, etc. E! and Tallgrasss found that Costco worked well for Spirit Gath.
  • Report on Registration (Two Bears) ~ None so far.
  • Ride Coordination ~ Two Bears will take care of it.
  • Gathering Treasurer ~ Scooter volunteered. Will work in concert with Two Bears
  • Early arrivals ~ Scooter; Cougar and Anthony (from SF)
  • Gathering essence ~ very free form last year. Is there an intention(s) for this Gathering? Difference between week in the woods and intentional community. Will there be more structure this year? Regular Heart Circles? HC Caller? Rituals? Put a call out to form a Gathering committee, that works with folks for whom roles are already filled. We can also call Planning Circle / Heart Circle on the land during first few days to lay out plans for rest of Gathering.
  • Scooter question ~ What to carry through from Spirit Gath?
    • Regular morning Check-in Circle.
    • For each planning circle, start by connecting, grounding.
    • Having workshops planned ahead of time and knowing in advance.(Junk Jewelry WILL happen again!).
  • Scooter has offered his place for any Circles we want to hold.
  • Gathering Checkbook ~ Ehsea will place some seed money. Braeburn, Ehsea, and E! on account.
  • Request that all Gathering discussion be on big list, not just Circle list.

Update on Destiny

We previously agreed to $500 matching funds for Destiny building fund. Miracle sent informational email to list. Has received one donation.

Forward to Next Circle

  • Spirit Gath Report (financial etc.)

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Ask Duluthians to look into Bogwalk; at a minimum report before July Circle, or even fix dangerous spots? Braeburn Blue few days
Put call out for a Gathering Planning Circle to form E!ureka this week
Convene Land Use committee Scooter (Braeburn on board) before / after Lammas
Pursue Destiny fundraiser Miracle before next Circle


Lovingly submitted by White Ash