Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

July 12, 2006 – Nicollet Island Fire Pit, Minneapolis

Next Two Circles

Sunday August 20, 2006 – Post-Gathering, Mpls – @ that fab new fae's house – 2pm
Sunday September 17, 2006 – Mpls – tbd


White Ash*, Two Bears*, Rocky*, Jamin, Peatmoss, Ehsea*, Braeburn Blue, Gille, Tanya

* indicates Steward (4/8=quorum)

Follow up on Action Items from Last Circle

Action Faerie Accountable Status
Bogwalk Duluthians see notes below
Call for Lammas Gath Circle Miracle done
Convene Land Use Committee Scooter tabled till during / after Lammas
Destiny Fundraiser Miracle tabled


Financial Report

  • Paperwork for Scooter to become signatory on bank accounts.
  • Insurance paid last week.
  • Shared the Spirit Gathering balance sheet – in the black.
  • There are funds for Lammas Gathering.
  • Shared account balances; total is very similar to last year at this time.

Lammas Gathering Plans

  • Neuget sent email to larger list; As far as we know, Neuget, Topaz are working in concert with E!ureka & Augury on how to. Working with Two Bears on registrants who want to help with transport / Momming.
  • 9 Registrations to date – Two Bears tracking; many returns, so master list being updated; two came back with new addresses; if anyone wants Call / Registration sent out on their behalf, they can ask Two Bears to do so; folks can optionally email registration answers to Two Bears
  • Two Bears gave Ehsea checks that come in
  • Ty has a bunch of recipes to contribute ~ Tanya will hook him up with Neuget
  • Request people bring
    • cloth napkins
    • taper candles
    • laundry from Spirit Gathering
  • Most common theme we’ve heard for this Gathering is Lammas; White Ash can post Lammas document to the website


  • The sweeties from Duluth reported that there are 5 structural places (logs underneath) are at risk (sinking or rotting) and 10 boards that need attention. Soft spot at end closest to cabin ~ that was started before the rest and was different construction.
  • Might require lifting to really assess the situation.
  • For this year, important to ensure there are no holes that would trip.
  • This year $150-like; some ¾” rough-cut cedar on the land when Chakra worked on it last year. Could ask Homestead to check if some there and / or we can bring some up. Scooter could bring up (and do the work?). Would be good to source our wood supply (we’ve lost our old place). Miracle called Kiva and left vm.
  • [clarifications submitted by Mecca]
    • A) approximately 20 boards to be replaced
    • B) 5 or so areas in need of shoring up with new/ replacement cedar logs
    • C) For safety purposes, (we consensed) that this work would best be done prior to gathering
    • D) Replacing the supporting logs will be a project that will take a few will souls (with bodies) to complete
    • E) We might do well to put out a call to any who are willing-able to arrive early for lammas and take on this project (yours truly is hopeful but not sure of early arrival myself)
    • F) Oni committed to scout the land for available downed Cedar trees and there are cedar boards available on the land now (stacked behing the cabin)

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date

Look at these notes and send out action steps for helping with / participating in Lammas Gathering

Miracle week
Post Two Bears' Lammas document to website White Ash week


Warmly submitted by White Ash