Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

August 20, 2006 – White Ash's, Minneapolis

Raw foods banana fruit pie [of course, Miracle wanted it nuked for 5 mins + whipped cream] and quac and chips.

Next Two Circles

Sunday September 17, 2006 – 2pm – Mpls – Miracle's 4428 - 46th Ave S
Sunday 8, 2006 – Woodcutter's – Kawashaway


Ehsea*, Miracle*, Two Bears*, White Ash*, Panther; Giving Tree, Flaming Salamander

* indicates Steward (4/8=quorum)


Debrief 2006 Lammas & Financial Report

  • Two Bears finished Gathering directory list.
  • Budget ~ Waiting on Neuget's financials to finish budget. Looks to be in the black. Auction took in less, and there was not a quilt raffle. Annual taxes and insurance would be covered by this Gathering. Could make offering to cover costs of batteries / solar panels. Could set a goal for each Gathering to cover some land expense. Lammas is community-building; could be instructional / decision opportunities.
  • Food ~ Most meals were quite good. Lots of lettuce, cheese leftover. Peaches went bad. Some ingredients were missing for most of the first meals. Some of 1st batch must have been ordered for 2nd batch.

Consider issues of the affect of smokers on nonsmokers

  • Situation ~ smoking bothered some, but not all. Understanding that you don't smoke indoors (or blow smoke indoors) and that butts get cleaned up. Mealtimes, it's more of an issue. Points to chemical sensitivity (we have at least one Gathering goer who suffers from this) and requesting fragrance-free Gathering.
  • Possible solutions ~ add to dog / chem-free language that we encourage goers to mutually respect smokers / non-smokers. Could set up inviting space for smokers to congregate and see if they gravitate towards it. Each Gathering itself can consense on protocols.

Writing/review text for 2007 Lammas Call

We will be 20 Gatherings Old. Holiday Party was invoked at No Talent / Auction. Idea was to write following year's Call at current year's Gathering (did not happen). See para above.

Discuss options for Woodcutters’ Ball, i.e. renting dumpster for clean-up

Coming up soon ~ next month ~ October 6 - 8; only one more Circle before. Wood has been prepped; less or none to chop. Promote more as cleansing of the land. Considering renting dumpster ~ costs $200 (includes delivery & pickup) + possible additional weight charges. Want to ensure minimum (5?) before expending the funds.

  • Clean up dump (behind Cabin & between shower and treehouse
  • Clean out cabin
  • General garbage in screen house
  • Bogwalk

Status of bogwalk and other land maintenance?

  • Bogwalk ~ from Scooter's email: "Bogwalk repair would not likely require more than 2-3 people at any one time. There is a large box of galvanized spiral cut nails for BW decking in the tool shed. I think that there are some long spikes 6" plus for nailing logs together but we could use more. I believe that there is enough rough cedar tarped behind the cabin for the decking repairs needed."
  • Exposed roots - some will not survive to maturity (especially with carts). Some trees in way of the pathway. Chopping out roots could damage endangered cedars and make trees unstable. Flaming Salamander would like to go up several weeks early before Woodcutters. Class 4 or 5 gravel around sides of roots and then woodchips. Maine Drag gets most use; collects rain, and is showing the most erosion. Start there first. Want to be considerate of those that go barefoot.
  • Impact on the land. We tread lightly as we can. We leave the land alone for 10 months out of the year.
  • Flaming Salamander shared maps of the land and the lake. He has many ideas for keeping us in alignment with the land. Suggested he contact Scooter & Rocky, who have expressed interest in creating a Land Use survey and reenergizing the Land Use committee and policy.

Forward to Next Circle

  • Next year's Call ~ discern required text minimum ~ unwelcome behavior / personal responsibility language (perhaps post to website).

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Send notice to send in outstanding registration fees. Miracle this week
Contact Oni re: obtaining the dumpster. fae well before Woodcutter's
Send notice re: Woodcutters (Cleanup) ~ need 5 firm commitments by certain date. Encourage to bring shovels, spades, pitch forks. Be on the lookout for cheap ones at this time of year ~ spray paint bright orange. fae date
Fix or get new wheelbarrow(s) for Woodcutters fae before Woodcutter's


Submitted by White Ash in the raw