Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

January 07, 2007 – Huckleberry & Peat Moss' Island Snowglobe, Minneapolis
a favolicious potluck was enjoyed by all

Next Two Circles

March 2007 – Great Circle, Twin Cities – tbd
Sunday March 18, 2007 1pm – Community Circle, Minneapolis – Peat Moss & Huckleberry's


Ehsea*, E!ureka*, Miracle*, Rocky*, Scooter*, Tallgrasss*, Two Bears*, White Ash*, Mecca, Teddy Bear, Hummingbird, redWing, Huckleberry (fka Jamin), Peat Moss

* indicates Steward (8/8 = quorum [duh!])


Great Circle

No one opposed to having it, so it's a go.

  • Hold it in March to give us time to plan / announce
  • Potluck + buy some beverages / snacks / breakfast foods (Assisted Potluck)
  • We liked John's place & on a Saturday
  • Topics
    • Wishlist ~ what we like and don't like re: Lammas Gathering
    • April (?) shoring up of bogwalk
  • Communications:
    • Postcard
      • phone contact Two Bears / redWing
      • Return service requested
      • Carpooling
  • Planning Circle to happen at Vera's (1 hour before) this Wednesday.
  • Budget consensed: $100 (?) + flowers to host and $75 for food.

Bogwalk Repair

Needs some shoring up in 5 spots; could be done with some wood / logs. We could visibly mark places to avoid. Find interested folks to do in April or so.

  • Maintain current bogwalk rather than complete replacement
  • Homestead and Kawashaway have wood
  • Cutting Alder is not necessary just now

Treasurer's Report

  • Contact Ehsea for details

Pride Booth

  • Cheaper to sign up in January.
  • $75 per space ~ buy 2-3 spaces? Would like to request quiet, spacious place, possibly away from the rest? A place to gather rather than "sell".
  • Hospitality and faulousness ~ let that be our marketing. We could have drumming, picnics, toenail paintings, silly rituals.
  • What about focusing on the parade (or guerilla theatre) vs. getting a booth. Faerie parade within the parade (kiddie cars).
  • Whatever we do, bring it to May Day (Free Speech area) and Duluth Pride.

Lammas Gathering 2007

  • Do we want to have it? Several responded positively.
  • RFD deadline 15th of January for Spring Equinox


  • Pobox near Patrick's Cabaret. Keys to go to E! or redWing
  • Homestead fixed carts and wagons; Oni to be reimbursed. Global Industrial has easy cart solutions. THANK YOU GUYZ!

Forward to Next Circle (March)

  • Lammas Gathering Call

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
ask John re: using his house again for Annual Circle; report back to us Duluth East Hillside Gay Association this week
Pay Pride booth; probe for space specialness Miracle <15 Jan
Convene re: possible monthly social event(s) ~ heart, fire, drum circles, potlucks, movie night... Tallgrasss & redWing this month
Contact Bartolicious re: May Day Parade participation ??? ???
Submit Lammas announcement to RFD Two Bears this Friday


Lovingly submitted by White Ash