Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

July 1, 2007 – KAWASHAWAY!

Next Two Circles

August 7, 2007 – Lammas Gathering Community Circle - Kawashaway
September 9, 2007 –Community Circle – Mecca’s Abode, Duluth, MN


Mecca*, Kiva*, Oni*, Plln*, White Ash, Neuget, Sunflower, Flaming Salamander, Phoenix, Kedric

* indicates Steward (4/9=quorum)


White Ash announced that he would like to be a steward.

Effective next Community Circle


The well was pulled out before the circle.  The circle agreed to repair the hand pump. 

  • The repairs will consist of replacing a section of the broken pump rod and a section of piping.  Along with machining the top bushing, Oni, Kiva, and Mecca will arrange the repairs.
  • A Work Weekend was tentatively scheduled for July 21-22 to re-install the pump, provided parts are available.


After reviewing information about stoves from Braeburn, Flaming Salamander, Nueget and Oni, the circle agreed to purchase a new commercial oven.

  • Vulcan Vulk – 2500, 6 burners, 36” oven – Approximately $1500 (stove and shipping)
  • Mecca will do the ordering and make arrangements with Ehsea for payment.  We will try to get delivery before the Work Weekend of July 21-22 so that the stove could be installed on the pump work weekend.
  • The old stove will also need to be moved out.


In discussing the cabin, the circle agreed to determine the communities’ needs and wants around a structure or structures to replace the cabin.


We discussed our values concerning a new structure:

  • Less wasteful of materials
  • Ecological
  • Ease of construction
  • Integration with other structures on the land
  • Esthetics
  • Accessibility

We discussed the function of a new structure:

  • Large open space for workshops/circling
  • Lots of natural lighting and ventilation
  • Heated with wood
  • Winter kitchenette (?)
  • Sleeping space
  • Place to socialize
  • Storage
  • Tool shed and/or wood shed (separate structure)
  • Drag/Green room w/ closets
  • PV Solar for lighting

In order for a new structure to happen, we need a commitment from the community for:

  • Money
  • Construction/labor
  • Support - hauling supplies, momming meals, relieving stress, etc.

The circle agreed to order a basic cabin blueprint for $90 to get an idea on materials/cost.  Oni will order the plans.
Future community circles will focus on the cabin and begin a capital/labor campaign for the cabin.

Twin Ports Pride

Mecca talked about Twin Ports Pride at Labor Day weekend.  The circle agreed to have a booth at the festival so we can have a faerie presence there.

  • Twin Ports Pride booth costs $50.
  • Mecca will be the focalizer of the faerie booth.

Request to stay at Kawashaway

Flaming Salamander wants to come up early mid-July and stay through Lammas Gathering to work on trail maintenance and clearing campsites that have been lost to tree fall.

  • The circle agreed to Flaming Salamander’s stay.

Replanting White Pine

Flaming Salamander proposed a project to replant white pine at Kawashaway.  White Pine seedlings can be obtained for free in the spring from Hedstrom (sic) Lumber.

  • Flaming Salamander will provide more information about his proposal at a later date.

Tea/Coffee station

The circle agreed to purchase a two-burner cooktop for a tea/coffee station to reduce traffic at the stove while Mom is cooking.

  • The cooktop would cost less than $100.

Financial Report

Ehsea provided the circle with current account balances and income and expense reports.

Forward to Next Circle

  • Community Manifestation was tabled until Lammas Gathering circle.
  • Cabin - begin a capital/labor campaign for the cabin.
  • Possible further information from Flaming Salamander about replanting white pine at Kawashaway.

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Machining the top bushing and arranging repairs of the well. Mecca, Oni, Kiva July 21 (work weekend)
Order new stove and arrange for payment and delivery. Mecca (Ehsea for payment) July 21 (work weekend)
Order a basic cabin blueprint to get an idea on materials/cost. Oni August 7 (Lammas Gathering Circle)
Arrange for faerie booth at Twin Ports Pride (Labor Day weekend). Mecca September 1
Order tea/coffee station cooktop. ??? ???


Submitted by Plln and Kedric