Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

August 07, 2007 – On the Land during Gathering

Next Circles

September Circle – 9/9 in Duluth

October Circle – Woodcutter’s Ball, on the Land

November Circle – at Peat’s in Minneapolis

Those Present

Ehsea*, Falling Star, Braeburn Blue, Ty, Scooter, Mecca*, Plush, Steve, Oni*, Kiva, Porshe, Mantis, White Ash*, Phoenix, Randy, Flaming Salamander, Panther, Miracle, Bloomin’ Lilac, Peat Moss, Tealeaf, Gleeman, Wolfe, Teddy Bear, Two Bears*, Tallgrass, TaDaah, Two Turtles, Jerry, Lark, Fresh, Firefly, Rocky, White Dragon.

* indicates Steward (5/9=quorum)


Ehsea gave a Treasurer's Report

re: new stove costs, pump costs, taxes being up $25, current savings & CD. Thanks to Kiva, Oni, Mecca, & all who worked on the new stove & well pump.

Woodcutters Ball

(October 5-8): no wood needs cutting, but chipping needs to be done & spread on trails.  Ear protection gear is needed for chipping, and rental of a chipper; also rental of a dumpster for clearing out the old dump on the Land.  Everyone is requested to please post to the grouplist if you plan to attend this event.

Duluth/Superior Pride

(Labor Day weekend): Mayor’s reception, there will be a booth at the festival on Saturday.  Sunday, Peace UCC Pride service & breakfast, then a parade in Superior, WI.  Housing available in Duluth if needed.

Faerie Book

Miracle has a few, Klick has most.

Cabin Replacement

Much talked about for many years.  What are our values, purposes for a cabin, what do we want to see?  Winter use?
Building plans ordered, whether we use them or not, but it is something to start with.  One possibility is “cabinettes” like the logger cabin over at Oni’s instead of one big cabin.
The building project needs to be open to faeries doing some of the work; that it not be completely hired out.  There is the limitation of geography to consider here too.
Several small buildings?  One large building?

  • Values –
    • easy to construct, maintain, transport materials;
    • bug-free community space;
    • bright, airy, windows;
    • sleeping loft;
    • eco-friendly materials;
    • accessibility;
    • sustainability;
    • appropriate to land;
    • user friendly to new folks;
    • call to other faeries to come help?; do we pay someone in the community to be foreman/contractor/project manager or is it all volunteer regardless?; hire architect to consult?; who will be accountable?;
    • the speed of the project-not to take forever;
    • raise $$$;
    • divide project into bite-size chunks & small groups bring options to larger community, incremental construction;
    • multi-use.
  • Functions –
    • be able to circle indoors;
    • sleeping bunkhouse?;
    • are we building for Gatherings or for winter use?;
    • storage-all buildings need storage space;
    • cooking-winter use certainly needs it; capacity?;
    • summer first night space;
    • special needs use;
    • more, smaller buildings;
    • large building won’t be able to be multi-roomed due to heating problems;
    • four season building.

Suggested we consult with Camp Destiny & their building project, (on-line info available).
Virtually no permits are needed for Kawashaway.
Placement of building is a big question.
Research needed re: number of buildings-maybe limited; yurt discussed.
How permanent doe we want this/these building(s)?, a put-up-take-down?; screened porch?, showering in winter?, sauna?
Suggested we get a long paper roll for everyone’s input.
Erection Council needs to be formed; Money raisers committee needed too, with separate account(s).

Personal storage/Community storage: conflicts sometimes; folks need to be more responsible for their belongings, put things back the way they found them; try to limit cabin use for personal storage.

Lammas Call

Recommended a circle happen towards the end of this Gathering to write Call for next Gathering.  Many hands are needed to get the Call out!  It’s a community event, it needs to be planned by the community!; not just the Call, but the whole event – preparing the Land, ordering food, planning meals.

Lammas Gathering Report

who’s here, how many, money collected & owed.  About half those registered have contributed; half not able.  Everyone is encouraged to register as early as they can; more & more folks are registering & doing so early.  Early registration is needed because the food order needs to be 3 week before Gathering & it’s been going well, but it could go better.  Better knowledge gives us more flexibility & more options to plan better, buy locally, buy organic.  We always need to be mindful of our resources & our values around them.

Action Items


Submitted by Two Bears