Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

September 7, 2007 – Mecca's pad, Duluth

Next Two Circles

October 7, 2007 – Woodcutter's – Kawashaway Sanctuary
November 4, 2007 – Minneapolis – Peat Moss'


Oni*, Hummingbird*, Kiva*, Mecca*, Falling Star, Hunter, Bob, TeddyBear, Pollen*

* indicates Steward (5/9=quorum)


Treasurers Report

Gathering posted a profit

Disclosing Kawashaway's Location

As a reminder it has been a long standing value in our community to not disclose the location of Kawashaway in any public venue. This includes the names of nearby lakes, roads, business and landmarks. This value is important and as a community we need to do a better job at communicating this value to new faeries (perhaps included in the Call). Cisclossing the location of Kawashaway in a public venue invites vandalism, theft, trespassing, squatting, and too many curious visitors. (Trespassing is an ongoing problem for both the Homestead and the Sanctuary). Interested parties can always contact us if interested in the land.

Posting of Minutes/ Notice of Upcoming Circles

Minutes should be posted promptly (before next circle)
Secretary should post notices of upcoming circles as soon as dates are decided.
Currently scheduled Cirlces: Oct 7 (Sun) on the land during Woodcutter's, Nov 4 (Sun) at PeatMoss's in the twin cities.

Duluth Pride

All five books were sold at the faerie booth at pride and probably could have sold more. Collected $45.
Faeries supported the 5K FunRun which had over 100 registrants (Mecca and Hummingbird were co-chairs of the event with Eureka, Teddy, Kiva, and Hawthorne helping).


White Ash suggested a future firewalk ritual facilitated by Timothy. Neither where present to elaborate so it was tabled for next circle.

Photography At Kawashaway

Communicat current photography policy at Gathering Dinner Circles, Post notice in public places
Current policy states: It is the responsibility of the photographers to ask permission of faeries prior to including them in photos. It is understood that any photographs taken at Gathering are for the personal and private use of the photographer and/or the photos are to be shared within the community.

Woodcutters Oct 5-8 , Woodcutters Reprise Oct 12,13,14

The first weekend will be getting as much garbage out of the Sanctuary and into a roll-off dumpster, with some winter closeup, and much fun and frivolity. The second weekend a large sized woodchipper will be rented to chip all the brush and saplings that have been cleared from around campsites and trails.

Cabin Redux

A bogwalk revamp is seen as a crucial preliminary step before any cabin materials get considered. Oni will contact Will Vandenhoogle to get easement advice
Two money raising ideas were brought forward, grants and a mortgage. More discussion tabled for another circle


Submitted by Pollen