Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

November 4, 2007 – Peat Moss', Minneapolis

Next Circle

from the notes:

January, 13th or 20th, at Peat Moss’; dependent on his availability – he’ll keep us posted.

from an email from Kiva:
The Homesteaders and Duluth Faeries would like to announce a January Circle. It will be held at Teddy's house in Duluth on Sunday, January 13th at Noon. Bring some snacks to share.


Ehsea*, Peat Moss, Rocky, Two Bears*

* indicates Steward (2/9= not a quorum)


Gathering, 2007

There was discussion of food supplies, and what could be done to reduce costs. Not much food was left over this year. A Food Committee for Gathering, 2008 could help with reducing costs and left overs; we may also want to examine our commitment to organic verses conventional food. Peat Moss & Rocky are both interested in being part of these discussions. Ehsea said she has a computer program that can up-size recipes if we need it.

Youth Event

Two Bears reported he had recently been contacted via internet by a gay youth who is interested in learning more about the Radical Faeries and wanted to know if we thought there would be any interest in putting together some sort of event/meeting/group for gay youth who, like him, are interested in things fae. Two Bears responded that he would be happy to meet with him at our regular Wednesday night Urban Phaze at Vera’s and discuss what he might have in mind. The Circle discussion was supportive, said they would like to know more, and emphasized he would have to lead such an effort and that there would likely be some members, such as Peat Moss, who would be interested in helping. Peat also mentioned he has been to a few of the Revolting Queers events and “likes what he sees” in terms of some of their ideas and attitudes, and thinks there is a definite possibility for some future RF/RQ interaction.

Vera’s Liquor License

There was discussion, prompted by a call to Two Bears from Tanya, re: the fact that Vera’s now has beer & wine on their menu, and whether or not this may be a problem for any on our group. Those present did not see this would be problematic, but further discussion would be welcome.

The Chair Project

Rocky reported that Scooter has 8 chairs adopted for future use at Kawashaway! Many Thanks to all involved-You Go, Girls!

Financial Report – Ehsea

The last of the funds came in from Gathering, 2007; we came out ahead.

Forward to Next Circle

from the notes:

  • Updating our outreach material

from an email from Kiva:

  • Bog walk improvements (Oni recently talked to Walt at the county about bog walk options. The driveway, parking area and bog walk are on Lake County property in which we have easement.)
  • Possibly building a Logger's Shack at Kasa for a Summer project. (A Logger's Shack was discussed at the August Circle)
  • Annual Kawashaway meeting

Respectfully Submitted:
Two Bears