Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

February 24, 2008 – Annual Circle – Ivy Building for the Arts, Minneapolis

Next Two Circles

March 16, 2008 – Duluth – Hummingbird's 12-2pm
April 20, 2008 – tbd


Ehsea*, Eikon^, Eureka*, Falling Star^, Hunter^, Kiva*, Mecca*, Oni*, Phoenix^, Pollen*, Puck^, Rocky*, Scooter*, Tallgrass*, Tea Leaf^, Teddy Bear*, Topaz^
(Other folks who want to be stewards in the coming year are White Ash, Miracle, Hummingbird, and Two Bears.)

* indicates Steward (9/14=quorum)

^ indicates Friend



The circle concensed to conducting more outreach for our community. Current methods of outreach such as the Twin Cities Pride Booth and Faerie Coffee while good opportunities for socializing, have not proved to be very effective in attracting new members to our community. The Circle discussed the purpose or goals of doing outreach which include: Attracting new members, Attracting money and other resources, Attracting new energy and ideas, along with Sharing our love and passions.

Any outreach involves discussing who we are as a community and what we want to tell other people. (Yes, the perennial question... What are faeries??) Some ideas generated from the discussion include: Faeries are all different kinds of people, Being a Faerie is a spiritiual experience, Faeries are unique, we don't fit into the mold of gay men, Faeries are welcoming, Friendship binds our community together and Faeries are creative.

The Circle also came up with some outreach themes such as: Introducing people to the woods, Skill building, Focusing on community accomplishments and Learning about alternative energy.

Based on our community discussion about outreach here are some actionable steps that members volunteered to work on:

  • Scooter will explore ways the Faeries can participating in the Heart of the Beast May Day Festival.
  • Pheonix will explore ways to re-energize Faerie Coffee by moving the venue and/or the day and time.
  • And at the next circle we can continue our discussion of who we are and what we want to tell other people.

Other methods of outreach discussed include:

  • Fundraisers such as a rummage sale,
  • Outreach to inactive faeries on the yahoo group,
  • Building a float for the Pride Parade,
  • Having mentors at the sanctuary for new members in order to back up our outreach with welcoming,
  • Collaborating with other groups such as Outwoods and the Northland Gay Mens Center, and
  • having other Faerie events such as movies, yoga, potlucks, drumming etc.

Bogwalk Redo

Snow needs to recede before better sighting and designing can happen. Gravel will not be available until after spring roadban is lifted.


Current Officers remain unchanged from last year:

  • Keeper of Royal Nothing (pres.) Oni and/or Scooter,
  • Keeper of Royal Dish (recorder) Pollen,
  • Keeper of Royal Beads (treas.) Ehsea.

State of the Skirt

This year has seen some sizable and beautious changes and plan completions. Here are some of our notable achievments.

  • The new stove was purchased and nestled in it's screenhouse home. It works so well everyone will want to be momming for a chance at the power and the glory.
  • The well shaft pipe was broken and needed repair. Thanks to the Homestead (Oni) for the use of the scaffolding and assorted resources on repairing this vital element of our Sanctuary.
  • The bogwalk saw some boards replaced and a section of sagging log foundation was replaced.
  • Eight tent sites cleared of brush as well as much other brush cut and cleared.
  • A major dump/old garbage clean up thanks to getting a roll off dumpster and the passionate energies of the Aunt Jemima Sisterhood.
  • A great many other acts of beauty, thought, art, and love were made manifest on the land in this passing year.

Forward to Next Circle

  • Outreach discussion of who we are and what we want to tell other people.

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Outreach - see bullet list above - March


Submitted by Pollen