Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

March 16, 2008 – Hummingbird's Nest, Duluth

Next Two Circles

Sunday April 20, 2008 @ 1pm – Hinckley, MN @ Cassidy's map
Sunday May 18, 2008 @ 12 noon – during Work Weekend, Kawashaway


Earl the Pearl^, Eikon^, Falling Star^, Hummingbird*, Hunter^, Kiva*, Lilly of the Valley of the Dolls*, Mecca*, Phoenix^, redWing, Snake, Teddy Bear*, White Ash*

* indicates Steward (5/15=quorum)

^ indicates Friend


Spirit Dancing CD

White Ash brought copies of Heron & Shaynala's CD of Faerie chants and songs. If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy, please contact White Ash. Heron & Shaynala are requesting a $10 - $20 donation. However, more important is getting the CD's out into our larger communty, so NOTAFLOF.

Workweekend at Kawashaway, May 16 - May 18

Target projects for work weekend:

  • Eikon indicated he would like to work on repairing/replacing the small sections of bogwalk that are on the trail to the dock. Necessary materials should be available behind cabin (Kiva will confirm this when snow is out). Eikon also indicated he could arrive the weekend prior to the scheduled work weekend to get this project started.
  • Remove the tree that is laying on the cabin roof
  • General cleaning and organizing
  • Decide on location for the "Shack" with Oni and/or Scooter's advice/input
  • Repair hole in Teahouse floor
  • Repair raft (one of the flotation barrels is water logged)

Summer Lammas Gathering

There was considerable discussion and planning for the upcoming Lammas Gathering.

  • Phoenix, based on his recent on-line poll, know of four faeries who are interested in working on the call. He indicated he would also post an invitation for others to join. A suggested time line for the call's completion was May 1st.
  • Several at the Circle indicated that a daily Heart Circle at Gathering would be enjoyable/helpful. One or more faeries could volunteer to facilitate this daily heart circle.
  • A Gathering theme of "We are a Circle" was chosen.
  • Lilly volunteered to be Pantry Diva. He would like a Co-pantry Diva to help him. So if anyone is interested in sharing the Pantry with Lilly please post to the list.
  • Kiva volunteered to be the Registrar for this year's Gathering.
  • Eikon volunteered to place announcements about the Gathering in RFD, White Crane and Nominus.
  • Hosting a Faerie Elder Exchange was discussed as a way to expand the larger faerie community and to provide a "cross pollination" between the faerie communities. No action or decision was taken on this item.

Kawashaway Checkbook

The circle consensed to having a checkbook and signer "up North" rather than just in the Twin Cities in order to better facilitate purchasing materials for upcoming projects. Hummingbird agreed to be the keeper of the checkbook "up North", and signer. Arrangements will need to be made to get him on the Kawashaway checking account.


  • We continued our discussion of community outreach that began last month at the annual circle. Since that time Phoenix has been working on possibly changing the Wednesday night coffee venue and has completed a online poll concerning other events/activities the faeries would be interested in participating. Results of this poll can be viewed on-line.
  • Teddy and Hummingbird are writing an article for the Northland Gay Men's Center Newsletter about the Northwoods Radical Faeries.
  • We discussed creating a brochure or post card that could have information about the radical faeries. This could possibly be done in conjunction with the call.
  • The Circle consensed to participating in the May Day Parade by hosting a block. We would be assigned a city block along the parade route in which we would be responsible for passing out festival programs and picking up left over litter on that block after the parade. However, before and during the parade we could setup an info table, have a drag pile and spread out faerie magic up and down the block. redWing volunteered to get us registered with the May Day organizers and Snake, Lilly and White Ash volunteered to facilitate the block hosting.

Submitted by Kiva