Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

May 17, 2008 – Kawashaway

Next Circle

June 20, 2008 – Kawashaway 1pm


Teddy*, Lilly*, Kiva*, Mecca*, Tallgrass*, Pollen*, Eureka*, Scooter*, Oni*, Timothy

* indicates Steward (9/15=quorum)


Workweekend at Kawashaway

June 20-22


The Homestead has offered use of a garbage dumpster throughout the year with understanding that Kawashaway will help when adding lots of garbage (as during Gathering).

Herb Garden

The herb garden that Kiva proposed was sited at the right side of the main trail as you face the screenhouse at Kawashaway. The circle consensed.


Timothy, a certified shamanic fire walker offering to guide a firewalk, felt there was sufficient space at the fire circle to have the ritual. The Spirit Gathering visioners are organizing the event and White Ash will be contact person. Timothy's website is www.rattledrum.com.

Lammas Call

The Call was discussed and simple one page mailing, much like the one used for May Day, was discussed.


After hearing from our Pantry Divas it became apparent that in order to keep our food mostly organic we need to ask more for registration. $35 pre, $60 late and $15 a day. On a sliding scale with none turned away.

Daisy Shack

The renamed, Daisy Shack, was consensed to be placed behind and to the side of the Tea house. A materials list is being made. The estimated cost is being budgeted for the CD coming due in June.


Submitted by Pollen