Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

November 15 , 2008 – Scooters, Minneapolis

Next Two Circles

December 21, 2008 – Duluth - Hummingbirds
January 18, 2008 – Minneapolis – Lillys
February 15, 2008 – Minneapolis, Scooters – ANNUAL CIRCLE


Augury, Drummer, Fire-Fly, Hummingbird*, Kiva*, Lilly of the Valley of the Dolls*, Mecca*, Miracle*, Oni*, Rocky*, Scooter*, Sterling, Tumbleweed,  White Ash*

* indicates Steward (9/16=quorum)

^ indicates Friend


Chax-Toe Update

Ya- Us! Moving along well. Insulation complete except for the ceiling. Closed to the elements for the winter. More will be completed over Thanksgiving. Discussion about stove for the future.

Gathering List/ Gathering Call for 2009

Oni Objects to discussion again. Kiva is working on it. Will be out soon. Sterling will help if necessary.

Paper call for 2009. Rocky and Sterling to work on this. A possible theme for 2009 is Christmas at Kawashaway. More information to follow.


See Sterling for confirmation Meal will be on Friday

Land Purchase

More information is needed. Call to Bank, Contact Realtor, confirm price.  Assessment of Finances from Eshea. Set up a meeting for people to talk about this. (SEE Additional notes about the meeting at Scooters)

Annual Circle

Scooter will be hosting the annual circle on February 15. The circle is a pot luck and will be supplemented this year by additional food. The annual circle is a recap of the year and it’s accomplishments. Stewards to recommit and to EAT with Faeries Friends

Miracle and Lilly will help with the Supplemental food….

Additional Items

I think there was a couple of others things discussed. Lilly is a bad note taker and lost the second page of notes. Sorry Faeries

Financial Report

No financial report at this circle.

Forward to Next Circle

  • Land discussion

Submitted by Lilly of the Valley of the Dolls