Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Annual Circle

February 15, 2009 – Scooter's in Minneapolis



The last list of Stewards as of February and I am certain it has changed since then included the following: Twobears, Mecca, Braeburn, Miracle, Ehsea, Teddy bear, Tallgrass, Lillie, Onie, Augury, Kiva, Rocky, Wet dirt, Scooter.

Accomplishments of 2008

Sanct was very clean & tidy at the end of 2008

  • Screen house, scullery, & pantry floors were painted
  • Pantry was completed
  • Gable end of screen house was completed
  • fire walk was successful
  • replaced Lola & Trixie
  • moved the out house
  • the first Thanks Giving @ Kasa in several years
  • 12 new faes at gathering
  • shackteaux
  • new adirondack chairs were assembled and painted
  • clearing between the screen house & lake was trimmed
  • Monthly heart circles
  • monthly steward circles are well attended
  • history time line project has begun


  • complete the shackteaux
  • upgrade the sinks in the scullery to stainless steel
  • preserve the Teahouse. lift it, extend the walls & replace the floor
  • replace the flue on the barrel stove
  • purchase a grass cutting tool like the one Oni has
  • sort out the lean to on the back to the cabin
  • remove & store items we want to salvage from the cabin
  • new first aid supplies
  • defibrilator
  • write the call & send it out before the end of June
  • simplify meals so that our gathering runs smoother & makes more money

purchase additional land

Our Discussion around purchasing the land focused on what we called "OPPORTUNITIES & CHALLENGES"

  • defining a big picture for both parcels as a single entity
  • is it worth $42,000.00
  • in what ways is theis a good investment/bad investment
  • protecting the neighborhood
  • creates a lot of work opportunities at the outset
  • provides much better Winter accessibility
  • potential for community stress when/if there are people staying "over there" and at Kasa original at the same time
  • over extension of community energy, skills, finances
  • community building opportunity
  • unique opportunity for focus
  • a huge long term undertaking
  • could put the existing sanctuary at risk of forfeiture
  • Sweat equity opportunity is almost beyond comprehension & some folks are inspired by that

[from Miracle sometime later]

From Annual Circle February 2009:

Shorter year-around route
****Winter cabin
******More accessible property & cabin
**The price is good, ***could be better (is it worth it?)
*Protecting ‘feel’ of the lake
Focus of community on land
***Community building
**Separate year-around live in sanctuary
*Keep Kawashaway low-tech summer land
**Modern sanctuary ‘winter’
*Long term visits more events
Castle lumber
**More land is better
Earth shelter is a better building
We can clean up and preserve Udaho
Bring in electricity, ice and refrigeration
Support with creativity
This topic got 30 people to show up.
More people involved in paying for it

Fundraising challenge: People that commit to monthly pledges are less likely to give at other fundraising events.

*means another person in the circle repeated this idea.


Submitted by Scooter [butt 'cept for that Miracle part]