Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

March 15 , 2009 – Mecca's home, Duluth

Next Two Circles

April 19, 2009 – Work Weekend @ Kawashaway
May 17, 2009 – White Ash's in Minneapolis


Scooter*, HBird, Mecca*, White Ash, Fire Fly, Kiva*, Snake, Eureka (notetaker), Lilly*, Oni*

* indicates Steward (5/??=quorum)


Future Circles

Will there be a circle on the land in April?

Lilly will Dad-a-lize the April circle: April 18-19 weekend at Kawashaway.

May circle will be in Twin Cities at White Ash's home.  May 17.  May circle agenda item: shackteau work list.

Work Weekend

-> Work weekend has been declared for Memorial Day weekend.  May 23-25.

Some work will be attempted April, including compiling the list of tasks for May work weekend, and starting the list for our full 2009 goals for sanctuary-based projects.

Stews added to list this month

Eureka!, White Ash, Hummingbird

Land next door discussion:

Defining next steps:

  • Point person?  Or 3-4 people?  Some sort of sub-group.  Eshea, as treasurer, too, to be included.
  • Need representation (lawyer? Real estate agent?...?)
  • Lynville is willing to talk directly with sellers.  If we do this, then real estate atty is a good idea.  Sellers would probably know he is doing this on our behalf.
  • Need list of different methods to structure the purchase: LLC? Other options?

Consensus? We have the intent to purchase the land. No blocks, no stand-asides.  Consensus reached.

The circle formally commissions a group to research land purchase process.  We need to act.

-> Lilly, Scooter, W.A., Princess Buttercup, Rocky, Oni. (Eshea?)

Group is open to including other members!  Please provide resume, jewelry and a specimen to the group to apply.  (Handbag may be substituted for one of the above).

Steps for Land process:

  • Realtor ® evaluate value of Udaho (land next door) and KaSa.  Consensus to spend $200-300 on this.
  • Pledging and developing a budget.  Need to gather pledges with names attached.  Annual circle anonymous pledges a good start, but now that we've set intent, need firm pledges.
  • Tax deductibility question.  Agree that some may not give without this option.  Note: those who do not itemize can give to KaSa directly, no need for those gifts to be funneled through sponsor (since sponsor will almost certainly charge a percentage).
  • Fiscal sponsor? R.A.N. is an option (Lilly? To check this).  Maybe another fae sanctuary (E! will check this).   W.A. will contact his lead.
  • Legal vehicle:  L.L.C.?  Borrow against KaSa sanctuary?
  • Also, how much of current KaSa bank reserve are we, as a community, willing to put up as down payment?

Faerie Spirit Gathering

FYI: Faerie Spirit Gathering is June 17-21.  (Notetakers note, via W.A.: this falls on the weekend that a community circle would occur).

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! May 3rd.

Snake will host pre-Mayday primping and staging in the morning.

We want to host a block at Mayday, as we did last year.  Snake to contact RedWing about hosting info.

We agreed to have rent/host  booth at Mayday in the park, too.

Call Grrrrrrrrls for Gathering 2009?

Fire Fly Faerie willing to be the lead Call Grrrrrrl.  Contact him to join the call grrrrrrl effort.

Theme?  Christmas at Kawashaway?  Hollidays at Kawashaway? Daze? Dayze? Each day have a different holiday from the calendar?  Hollidazzle parade one eve for dinner?  Boxing day is pack up and get out day?

->Can we have the call ready for Mayday, pleezze?

Heart circles

Snake reports energy is great.  Four attended first circle and 11 at second circle, including some never-ever-at-a-heart-circle folks.  Next dates: April 3, May 1.  (Please Note: May 1 is "loyalty day" per Mr. Mecca's Norman Rockwell calendar).

Discussion: could there be non-weekend options?  Some people have to work all weekend/weekend eves.

-> Anyone has the power to call a circle.  Just announce it and host it, girl!  Stew circles will continue to be Third Sunday of each month, but other than that, any community circle, heart circle, etc. can be called by faes wishing to have it.

Land Use Committee

Building and Grounds committee?  Land use committee has been dormant for some time.  Shall it be revived?

E!, Mecca, Oni & Snake hissssed yes to joining.  Ask: Rocky, Braeburn, Teddy.  Others welcome too

-> Land use meetings and decisions need to be communicated and posted, reported to the circle.

Lammas Gathering

Lilly has had a job change, is announcing her stepping back from lead role as Pantry Diva for 2009 Lamas. Community needs to find new point person.  Lilly can do it at gath, but before, needs new point person.

A lot is ready – Neuget and Lilly have compiled a CD Rom with menus, foodservice quantities, etc.  So that helps. 

Need is for:

  1. deciding which menus, food purchasing planning.
  2. cost planning.

Gathering pricing discussion ensued: consensus that 2009 Lammas will be $30 registration plus $20 per day.  Reported that no one pays the additional late reg fee, so dropping that part.

E! offered to make up a brief dashboard parking slip (a la Short Mountain) so we can identify cars and praise or dish their excellent/inconvenient parking skills.


Pride festival:  discussion of wishes/intent.  Clear consensus to NOT get a booth this year.  Mayday is a better place for our green and fae energies.  We may join the Pride parade in our inimitable, non-financial faerie way.

Some discussion of never, ever talking about Twin Cities Pride at a faerie circle ever again.

Forward to Next Circles


  • Land Purchase Group report
  • Mayday
  • Gathering Call
  • Shackteau work list
  • Firewood discussion 2009 maintenance list for Sanctuary
  • {from WA} Delete "Friends" language from bi-laws?


  • Shackteau work list


Not terribly respectfully submitted by E!ureka.