Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

May 17, 2009 – W.A.s, Mpls

Next Two Circles

June 21, 2009 – @ Spirit Gath – Kawashaway

July 19, 2009 – Augury’s -- Twin Cities


Augury*, E!ureka*, Scooter*, White Ash*, Phoenix
* indicates Steward (4/17quorum)


April (carry over to May)

    * Land Purchase Group report

    * Mayday

    * Gathering Call

    * Shackteau work list

    * Firewood discussion & 2009 maintenance list for Sanctuary

    * Memorial Day trip

    * Delete "Friends" language from bi-laws?

Land Purchase Report

Group didn’t formally meet.  We don’t have numbers to know how much to raise yet. Oni tells WA land valuation by realtor is set for May 27th.  Asking that it be for both K’way & new land, per the March notes.

WA has talked to Milo Pinkerton, a gay builder friend, who recommends working with his local gay realty lawyer, Paul Kaminski, whom Milo has already contacted on our behalf ~ perhaps he will give us a discount as a not-for-profit, or work for us pro bono.  Lynn would contact sellers, and then our lawyer would help us draft the offer, including language such as “Lynn and his assigns”, making it easy for Lynn to transfer the property / responsibility to us, without us having to interact with the sellers or clueing them in that we are the next-door-neighbors interested in the land.  Lawyer would help / represent us at closing.

WA has talked to a banker, mortgage professional, and realtor.  Most recommend that we try getting a loan from our credit union, with whom we have a long relationship, using K’way as collateral. Thanks to WA for all the research!

Faerie Camp Destiny willing to be Fiscal Sponsor at no cost in service to larger faerie communities.  Others we have researched (OutFront, Patrick’s Cabaret) charge a percentage. 

Sample pledge card is in hand.  Perhaps when we are close to design, we could ask Twilight?  Miracle & WA have been talking about a pledge launch event.

  • Need date for next land Purchase group: meetingwizard.com
  • Work on pledge form
  • Work on pledge launch event


Much fabulousness.  Good turnout, fun was reported.  Pictures went up on Facebook & YahooGroup.  Second year of success for Faes at MayDay.  Much better spiritual and community fit than Pride.

Gathering call

FireFly is working on it.  Postcard size item.  Web site?  Could we do a Wiki? We have one, but it’s not being used yet.  Facebook page?  But you have to be a member to see FB content – could invite all Yahoo Group members onto FB.
Multiple sources is a good idea – helps more people find it.

  • Pxh will call FF.
  • Phx willing to expand Facebook
  • E! and WA will give E! access to Kasa.org for updating Lamas page

Shacktea work list

  • Finish insulating – need more materials
  • Ramp to one door, stairs to other.  Augury will find out what code is for the ramp.  Don’t yet know which door will have stairs.    Stairs to RH door, ramp to left.  RH to be storage.
  • Interior wall not yet framed. 2x2, with foam board core for sound.
  • Interior sheathing (after insulating)
  • Re-do some of the roofing (upside down on part)
  • Could be used now even before it’s finished

When?  Scooter can’t go Mem Day.  Oni probably busy Mem Day weekend. Dadalizer?  July, w/ E! is possible.

Firewood & KaSa maintenance

Downed tree before gate.
Firewood: talked about not buying. This year there is plenty of blow-down on Kawashaway this year.  Contact Lilly for more info about Mem Day.
Walk the land at Memorial day, make list of repairs. Check list would be helpful:

  • Bogwalk for bad boards
  • Fallen trees on pathways
  • Inventory of kitchen/pantry
  • Propane supply
  • Lola/Trixie/Blanche – walls, valves, tubes to shower
  • Well – lubricate.  If plumbing is re-attached for Mem Day, clear lines till Spirit Gath
  • Dock & Raft – check boards


  • Swimming dock is shot.
  • Raft – barrel, decking need replacing
  • Clear trails
  • Replace screen house & outhouse doors
  • Re-glaze one of the screen house windows-bring frame to Two Harbors hardware store.
  • Tea house?

Memorial day

Lily has offered to be the contact for the weekend – call or e-mail w/ questions.  Shackteau should be sleepable for non-tenters.


Talk of eliminating “Friend” language.  We need a 33% (=6) Stew quorum to amend bylaws.  Tabled for June circle.

Weekly fae gathering in the Cities

Birchwood?  Let’s try it.  Attendance had dropped off but worth trying again.  Wednesday.  Two Bears has the orange purse.  Color of the month?

  • Phx will post Yahoo and Facebook.

Spirit gath

Tallgrass is doing food.  Red Wing might be the registrar.  Several people have said they are coming.  June 17-22.

Forward to Next Circle

  • Bi-laws
  • Lamas check-in

Action Items


Faerie Accountable

Due Date





Phoenix call FFF





Kasa Web site

E! talk to WA






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