Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

July 19, 2009 – Augury's, Minneapolis

Next Two Circles

August ??, 2009 – Gathering – Kawashaway
September 20, 2009 – Sterling's Place – Minneapolis


Augury*, Ehsea*, Linville, Oni*, Phoenix, Sterling, White Ash*

* indicates Steward (4/16=quorum)



On 25 June 2009, White Ash submitted proposed changes to the Bi-Laws, removing "Friends" language and camouflaging the name of the Sanctuary's lake. Those present were in agreement to the changes. Miracle resigned as Steward, so as to help achieve the necessary 33% quorum to change Bi-Laws; even so, we were not at quorum, needing the presence of 5.28 Stews.

This will be reconsidered at the 20 September 2009 Community Circle.
Request that Stews make every effort to attend this Circle.


  • Firefly was able to get some registration monies to Ehsea from what he had received thus far.  Currently approximately 20 people registered.
  • An inquiry was made as to the status of Miracle's work on the mailing list. Seems to be proceeding well.
  • Also discussed the food ordering & transport, being Dadalized by Lilly & Nueget ~ all seems on track. There will be follow up once Lilly returns from the Red Ribbon Ride.

Financial Report

  • Ehsea provided a report ~ all looks good
  • Need to consense what to do with CD coming due in September at the August Community Circle.
  • Rummage sale pulled in $795 ~ then Phoenix gave us $5. [Then the next day, Ehsea counted over $200 extra; then Augury found yet some more monies in his magical purse ~ will faerie magic ever cease?? Let us hope not!. So the rummage sale actually pulled in >$1,000] Consensed to paying off recent land appraisal, and with remainder, designate it as seed money for the new land acquisition.


  • Land appraisal give to Ehsea for safekeeping. She will scan and share digital versions for backup copies.
  • The next step for the land purchase will be for Scooter, White Ash, and Eureka to go to the Credit Union and find out what the process will be to make the land purchase (mortgage, loan, etc.). Then gay realty lawyer will draft purchase agreement. Linville confirmed that we are on track, with his estimate of what to offer dovetails exactly with what the Land Purchase folks had been intuiting.
  • So if Oni's place looks like Udaho, and the land purchase looks like Idaho, what shall we call the new place ~ Wedaho?
  • "Ladies Who Launch" event scheduled for Saturday 19 September. Get it in your calendars now! We will be having fun, taking donations, and making pledges.

Changing Community Circle days / times

Discussion in the past of seasonally holding Community Circles on the land when weather is good. Instead we seem to bop back-and-forth with Cities and Duluth/Kawashaway. Could there be a seasonal plan ~ 6 months Kawashaway/Duluth/Hinckley'ish and 6 months Twin Cities? Or 4 and 4 and 4? It was felt that frequency did not need to be changed. Regularity makes it easy to remember and attend; however does not accommodate everyone's schedules.


Putting a shout out for at least 3 Full-size futon mattresses for the bunk beds in the shackteau.

Forward to Next Circle

  • What to do with September CD?
  • Changing Community Circle days / times
  • [September Circle] Consense to change Bi-Laws

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Scan land appraisal Ehsea before Scooter goes up north
Full-size futon mattresses anyone? ??? pre-Gath?


Submitted by Sterling and White Ash