Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Sunday, September 20, 2009 – Minneapolis, MN (Sterling's House)

Next Circle

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 @ 7pm – Minneapolis, MN (Willow's House)


Willow, White Ash*, Rocky*, Sterling, Oni*, Loki

* indicates Steward (3/16 = not a quorum)


Land Purchase

Land pledges for 1 year came to 5??? from the fundraiser. There are still more coming in via mail and email. We can exceed out target. Ideas for other garage sales, places and times were discussed. CARAG sale was mentioned as a form of advertising and publicity. Looking at the numbers listed on the fundraiser, they look good...and can be adjusted. There were 22 people that attended the Ladies Who Launch...

Change Bylaws

Still need 6 Stewards so were unable to change bylaws.


Lots of discussion about registrar and getting a “count” for gathering. Also, have a database for “in kind” donations so we know where stuff is coming from. Overall, the general consensus was it was a great gathering this year, low on the drama factor. Talked about food stuffs and keeping the costs low and the ability to return unused items this year. End of gathering went well, there wasn't a lot of extra clean up, people were self-responsible for cleaning and sanitation. Also mentioned about taking care of dishes and cookware if there is another method or system we can use depending on the meal and the amount of people at gathering. Also brought up again about expanding the fire circle and keeping that space safe. As always, could use a little more pre-planning...need a Call...

  • Transferring reminders from circle list to to-do list.
  • Making a goal to PUT THE CALL OUT IN JANUARY this year.
  • Willow volunteered to help put out the call this year and (possibly) to be registrar.

P.O. Box

White Ash got the key from Miracle for the mailbox. Sterling offered to pick up the mail once a week. A question was brought up about changing the mailing address where there are more office hours. Rocky volunteered to check into the option of renting a po box at the main post office. General consensus is that it would be a better place schedule and location wise.

Woodcutters Questions

When – October 9-12, 2009 Things that need to be done:

  • weatherization of the land (canned goods, disconnect of water pipes, etc.
  • expansion of the fire circle

Financial Report

Ehsea was not present to provide a full financial report. More to come at Community Circle in October.

Next Community Circle

Next one will be at Willow's on Tuesday, October 20 2009 @ 7pm. Making the announcement for the “changing” of the day of the week that monthly Circles will be.

3148 Fremont Ave S
Minneapolis, MN

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
New Community Circle Schedule 2010 Sterling October Community Circle


Submitted by Sterling