Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

November 15, 2009, Wolfnip and Wetdirts House

Next Two Circles

Tuesday December 15 – Willows House in Minneapolis
Sunday January 17 – Duluth  - TBD


Ehsea*, Hummingbird*, Lilly of the Valley of the Dolls*, Mecca*, Teddy Bear, wEtDiRt*, White Ash*, Snake, Sterling, Wolfnip*, Augury*, Mark, Tumbleweed, Braeburn*.
* indicates Steward (9/16=quorum)


Post Office Box and Secretary of State renewal.

It is still in process. New box has not been established, but Rocky is working on it.
Business Renewal reminder was sent to Oni from the Secretary of State- He renewed for us for the next year. WA to ask him to send to Ehsea for safekeeping in archives.

Land Purchase Update

Update about Thank you letter to group and pledge information. We are on track to raise the amount we set for the year.

Discussion about taking a portion of Lamas Gathering net profit (30%) and Spirit Gathering net profit (30%) from 2009 and moving forward to be transferred to the Land Purchase account.  Consensus of the Circle to do this.

Wolfnip to check into 403c status for the community

Clarification of the role of the Land Purchase Circle in regards to the 5 year financial plan ~ even though the budget shows Community items, like Bogwalk, replacing Sanctuary cabin, etc., those are still Community's responsibility, not just Land Purchase folks. The land Purchase group consists of Rocky, Lilly, WhiteAsh, Scooter, E!, Augury (and The Princess Buttercup is a voyeur). The Land Purchase group is open to any Faeries that would like to join.  Wolfnip would like to join us. 

Financial Report

Update for Ehsea about Finances.
Look into Interest bearing account for money

Steward Update

Sterling is asking to be a Steward. Wolfnip announced last month and is now a Steward, Teddy Bear is stepping down as this time.

Contact Data and Master List

White Ash spoke about the CIVIcrm program ~ tracking of the Master List contact information, creating events for registration and directories, tracking pledges and donations. Hosted on the website.

Forward to Next Circle

Bogg walk repair, Snake will look at this when he goes up over Thanksgiving and tree removal from the Swimming Dock.

Submitted by Miss Lilly