Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

February 27th, 2010 – Center for Performing Arts, Minneapolis MN, ANNUAL CIRLCE

Next Two Circles

Sunday March 21, 2010 – Mecca’s House, Duluth, MN 2-4pm

Tuesday April 20, 2010 – Sterling's House, Minneapolis, 7pm-9pm


Ehsea*, E!ureka*, Lilly of the Valley of the Dolls*, Mecca*, Rocky*,Sterling*, wEtDiRt*, Wolfnip*, Snake, Lark, Gary, Xeno, Equus, Mantis
* indicates Steward (8/17=quorum)


Open with Ritual of Directions and water prayer – Mecca and Gary

State of the Skirt

With Scooter and Oni not in attendance, we discussed the accomplishments of the last year.

  • May Day 2009 – hosted block and potluck at Snake's house
  • We were not present at Pride (the word to never be uttered again)
  • Shack-Toe is almost complete
  • New raft built
  • Evaluation of what needs to be done for the bog walk
  • Spirit Gathering
  • Lammas Gathering
  • Woodcutters Weekend
  • New chairs
  • New lawnmower
  • Monthly Heart Circles have been happening at Snake's House
  • Ladies Who Launch – kickoff fundraising event for the Land Purchase
  • Monthly Community Circles
  • Periodic Land Purchase Circles
  • Garage sale @ the faerie fka Miracle's
  • 99.5% of purchased wood has been used
  • Floor painted in the Scullery and Screen House

State of the Beads

Contact Lilly if you'd like a copy

New Post Office Box

A new post office box was secured at downtown Minneapolis office

  • New address is P.O. Box 581194, MPLS, MN 55458
  • Change of address has been completed
  • Rocky and Sterling have keys to the box
  • Address updates need to be completed for the Bank, State of MN, RFD, other fae communities

Election of Officers

Election of officers for the Community

  • Scooter and Oni – Co-Keepers of the Royal Fabric
  • Ehsea –Keeper of the Royal Beads (KORB)
  • Lilly – Keeper of the Royal Dish

Land Purchase

E!, Lilly and Rocky gave on overview of the handout about the land purchase and discussion followed (Handout available from a Land Purchase Grrrrrl)

  • Unanimous consensus to move forward with making of offer and $ amounts approved. We had additional monies pledged by 3 faeries to be shareholders in this process – still looking for another member of the community to be a part of this.
  • Land Purchase Circle will be announced for the middle of March – stay tuned 


Stewards pledge for the coming year:

  • White Ash – via email
  • Kiva – via email
  • Braeburn Blue – via email
  • Oni – via Sterling
  • Lilly
  • Rocky
  • E!
  • Snake
  • Wetdirt
  • Wolfnip
  • Ehsea
  • Mecca
  • Scooter (Lilly's pretty darn sure)
  • Sterling

We discussed memories of the land over this last year and our memories of Willow.

We opened the circle with a group Hug

Upcomming events

May Day Parade – Block Party – Someone to be in charge of this???????

Land Purchase Circle - TBD


Submitted by Lilly of the Valley