Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Sunday March 21, 2010 – Duluth – Mecca’s House

Next Two Circles

April 20, 2010 –  Tuesday 7-9pm - Sterling's House, Minneapolis, MN

May 16, 2010 – Sunday, 2-4pm – Kawashaway – At Work Weekend


Hummingbird*, Kiva*, Lilly of the Valley of the Dolls*, Mecca*,Three Eagles in the Sky, Snake Woman, White Ash*
* indicates Steward (5/15=quorum)

Smudging. Gluten-full and meaty lasagna & salad. With the addition of 2 new faerie names to the circle, we welcomed Three Eagles in the Sky and Snake Woman to the circle.


May Day 2010 – Sunday May 2nd

Redwing posted that he has signed us up to host a block again. It will be the same block as last year. Lilly will follow up with Snake about gathering at his house again. More information to follow about this. We will add the event to the website and have information cards available with Kawashaway website etc on them to hand out to the crowd. Stay tuned for additional information about this event.

White Ash's 50th

All faeries invited! Scheduled to not conflict with May Day. For all the details and to RSVP, www.White-Ash.com/50

Land Purchase Circle Update

Circled this past week. We are moving along. We are at the point of needing to draw up contracts of Tenancy In Common with the Faeries that will be shareholders, and a purchase agreement. We want the TIC (and checks?) to be in place before we contact the sellers about making an offer. E! will be working on these documents this next week and consulting Topsoil's Allen about them. If he is not able to assist, we will work with the lawyer that White Ash knows, or consult the internet for boilerplate documents. Land Purchase will continue to ensure fiscal responsibility and may or may not circle again as necessary at this point. The energy for Sanctuary and Uda-Ho projects lies with the wider community as a whole to keep those moving forward.

Spirit Gathering 2010 – July 1st-6th

Rumblings that a group will be circling to have a planning circle. Stay tuned for additional information. Kiva informed the circle that there will be Loon Counting for the DNR taking place this year during Spirit. Possible items happening this year include: Labyrinth Experience, Cheese Making with Honor and a nature walk. Registration will be handled by Sterling and look for additional information coming from Spirit Gath regulars.

Lamas Gathering 2010 – August 6th – August 15th

  • The Call – Check if Sterling is working on one – Otherwise the group discussed just updating the one from last year  - If others are interested in this please speak up.
    Registration will be handled by Sterling – Thanks Sterling
  • Pantry Diva – Lilly – Lilly is looking for input about meals. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED In A SPECIAL MEAL YOU WOULD LIKE US TO MAKE, PLEASE CONTACT LILLY BY JUNE 15th 2010. We will be utilizing Kiva for Veggies and Honor for eggs again this year. Other items will be purchased at Costco and the Co-Op. Lilly will be sending out information about meals/menu planning circle to be coming up in May. Lilly’s email is alexrwilhelm@gmail.com is you have questions/input. Mecca/Sky spoke about momming a meal. Lilly will be handing over the duties of Pantry Diva to the next Faerie after this Gathering.
  • Calling for a Circle about creating a welcoming environment for youth and all new faeries at our gatherings and joining the community. We had a discussion about past issues around this at gathering and would like to open it up to the community for discussion before/during gathering. This led into a discussion around communication in general with new faeries, who that is etc.etc.

Financial Report

We discussed money briefly in regards to the land purchased etc. No report from Ehsea

Work Weekend

We decided to combine the Community Circle on May 16th with a work weekend.

Forward to Next Circle

  • May Day
  • Call for Lammas Gathering 2010
  • Welcoming environment Circle planning

Submitted by Lilly of the Valley of the Dolls.