Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Tuesday April 20, 2010 – Sterling's new pad, Nicollet Island, Mpls

Next Two Circles

Sunday May 16, 2010 – work weekend @ Kawashaway
Tuesday June 15, 2010 – Duluth – tbd


Augury, Braeburn Blue*, FireBug, Jessy, Loki, Oni*, Sterling*, Thunder, wEtDiRt*, White Ash*, Wolf*

* indicates Steward (6/14=quorum)

Started by singing happy birthday to thunder, talking about augury's broken ribs, and invoking Wolfnip's new name ~ "Wolf".


land purchase circle update

nothing new since the last community circle. Step right now is contacting a lawyer and getting the documents in hand

may day

wet dirt and wolf's house will be available during the festivities for refreshments. White ash mentioned that we had the capacity to have a table to distribute fae literature at a table during may day festivities. Photo collage for the table was brought up by thunder.

work weekend

scheduled for may 16-18. lots of things from the maine drag down to the lake that needs trimming (trails, etc). Cabin looks good. Lawn furniture in the screen house that needs to be hauled out. Reference to the pink pages for ongoing to-do list that has been posted. Also fire circle needs widening. Memorial day weekend was mentioned as another weekend for meeting up on the land.

garage sale

tossed around ideas as to where and when to host a garage sale. Wetdirt and wolf volunteered to host a yard sale. They are looking into when their neighborhood garage sale will be and will report back next circle as to when and what rules will be. Augury volunteered to be the number 2 person for this event.

call for lammas 2010

lammas gathering will be august 6-15, 2010. thunder volunteered to help sterling with the call. White ash and sterling volunteered to be co-registrar.

Helping people feel welcome into our community

augury volunteered to host a special circle on this topic. Time and date tba.


Submitted by Sterling