Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Sunday July 18, 2010 – Mecca & Sky’s House, Duluth MN

Next Two Circles

Sunday August 8th, 2010 – Lammas Gathering, Kawashaway
TBD – At Next Circle will make new schedule


Braeburn Blue*, E!ureka*, Kiva*, LVDolls*, Mecca*, Miracle, Oni*, wEtDiRt*, Wolf*, Pica, Sky, Teddy Bear

* indicates Steward (8/15=quorum)

Follow up on Action Items from Last Circle

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Steward Accountability Lilly At Lammas Circle will discuss and bring documentation from Pink pages to revise.
Garage Sale Lilly wEtDiRt and Wolf are willing to host, was no further discussion


I am sorry, I lost the notes from the circle. Here is my best memory of what happened, sorry if things were omitted

Hummingbird Transition Circle

The day began with honoring our dear Hummingbird (who was present, as was Denise ~ his housemate). We cast a sacred circle in faerie love, smudged, called the directions, spoke from the heart, laughed and cried a lot, and ended with "Breathing In, breathing out, I am free."

Lammas Gathering

Update about registration ~ so far 12 people are registered (snail mail registrations not includeded in this number). Food is coming along and we only need 4 momís for meals.

  • DISCO Ball of Odd-ity on Wednesday Night
  • Circle about Steward commitment at Circle on August 8th
  • Know Your Talent Show / Auction

Land Maintenance

Oni discussed the need for the ridge cap on the screen house to be replaced. We also need to replace 2 panels on the roof of the scullery. We agreed to purchase a used Stainless Steel 3 compartment sink from the Restaurant supply place in Hudson, WI. It is about $600 or so. We were all in agreement to spend the money for that.  Discussed the need to replace the small bogwalks going down to the lake/dock area

"Radical" in Radical Faerie

A discussion was started by Wetdirt about this topic. To be discussed further at Lammas gathering.

Fires at Tenting sites

It was reiterated that FIRES are NOT allowed anywhere on the land with the exception of the Fire Circle and under Lola and Trixie. This applies to the land ALL year round. There has been confusion about this at non-gathering time and bad information has been put out to the community.

Saloon Fundraiser for Land Purchase

Thunder was not present at the Circle, but an email was forwarded to the group. See below.

I have talked to the owners and they're both down with the idea. So what do we want to do for a fundraiser there? When do we want to do it? Will it be a sober event? All we would have to do is tell them when and what we need. I can see what we can get donated (if anything) in terms of liquor or what-not. So, that's what I have. We can get the space donated, and I am happy to do any bartending for any event we might have and would happily donate my tips for the event. I am happy to help out in any other way that i can but I need more input as to what kind of fundraiser we want to do.

Love and kisses, Thunder

Financial Report

Financials were noted as to what was in the bank. No other discussion

Forward to Next Circle

  • Stewards Commitment
  • Circle Dates for the upcoming year
  • Bogwalk replacement for Kawashaway
  • Saloon fundraiser

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Steward Discussion All At Lamas Gathering Circle on August 8th
Cedar vs other lumber pricing for Bogwalk replacement Oni He will check it out and report back to the group
Purchase of ridge cap and scullery roof Oni He will get these items in Duluth before Lamas
New Sink Oni/Lilly/Scooter Will happen before Lamas


Submitted by LVD