Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Sunday September 19, 2010 – White Ash’s, Minneapolis

Next Two Circles

Sunday October 10, 2010 – Woodcutter’s Ball, Kawashaway

Friday November 19, 2010 – Duluth


Augury, Bug, Centaur, Ehsea*, Loki, Oni*, Shee, Snake*, Sterling*, White Ash*,
* indicates Steward (5/15=quorum)


We began by sounding a crystal bowl, enriched with cell ringtone


We continue to look for a new Keeper of the Royal Dish. Wolf emailed WA, asking what is involved.

Land Purchase

  • Davis heard from new owner via voicemails that they've been doing "research" about cost of lakefront property. Davis wants to talk with him directly to give reality check about the value of the "lake" and the land, using Oni's property as a comp. {sorry attendees ~ I had my genders crossed ~ new owner is a man}
  • Land Purchase Grrrrls need to meet again, as we are at the end of the first year's fundraising drive.

Gathering Debrief

  • We had a good gathering. Weather was nice.
  • We adore the new sinks & washing stations. 
  • Several 1st timers spoke about their positive and powerful experiences. 
  • Shackteau ~ first year we've had this structure, and there was no precedent for procedure / protocol on who stays in it. Awkward to be one person (Registrar or Shackteau Frau, as an example) who prioritizes and makes judgment calls. Therefore, we decided:
    • At Annual Circle, collectively decide criteria for Shackteau stays during gatherings
    • Those fitting that category will talk amongst themselves to figure out who stays where & when.
  • Need to make some of the tent sites bigger during a work weekend, like hospitality site
  • Cleaning up tent sites ~ lots of trash and debris left at one site this year
    • Continue announcements @ dinner re: you bring it in, take it out in a positive tone (and everyone can say this at anytime)
    • If a smoker, bring your own butt can
    • Remember to put this in call
    • Emphasize caring for the land, leaving it in better condition than you found it

Welcoming / Inviting / Outreach Circle

Was really good circle. Checking in on where we are as a community was refreshing. Ideas that came out of it:

    • Let go slightly of some of our sign aversion, and become more transparent
    • List of “rules” and / or how-to manual; handout for newcomers?
    • List of what needs to be done (daily, once, several times)
    • List of no-no’s
    • List of yes-yes’s
    • Re-instating “Grace” role
    • Designate daily “Question Granny”, and simply remind attendees that questions are okay
    • Be aware of our tone ~ are we accusatory, shaming, reactive? or helpful, instructive, proactive?
    • It felt good to check in on our community, our process.  Suggestions: speed through the biz part of Community Circles, and spend a good part of the time discussing a particular topic.

    If not Udaho, what?

    Cabin is sinking fast.  Door is once again stuck open. Becoming less effectual and more of a safety concern.  Perhaps logs are hollow now, thanks to the critters? 

    • Cabin demo:
      • Do you have stuff in the Cabin?  Let someone going to Woodcutters Ball know.
      • Now & next year ~ rituals of preparation, commemorate energies that have been in there
      • As a temporary tool shed, construct shelves coming off of Shackteau
      • Take stuff off outside and inside we want to keep (gas lights to Scullery?) ~ box it up for Shackteau
      • Take out windows
      • Take roof apart (deal with shingles)
      • Logs ~ good & bad pile (reuses: totems; fire circle seating)
      • Stoves ~ what to do?
      • Permit to burn @ Lammas or in Jan / Feb 2012
      • We consensed to pre-demo work at Woodcutters & monthly work weekends beginning in April or May 2011 towards bringing down the cabin at Lammas in 2011 (or Jan/Feb 2012, depending on fire restrictions in August)
    • Yurts have come a long way with permanent and seasonal options. More affordable & transportable. Talk about options @ next Circle.

    Woodcutters ~ Fri 8 – Mon 11th October

    Known attendees so far: Shee, Snake, Oni, & Scooter

    • Get storage container tubs from Craigslist or Costco
    • Inventory of what’s in the Cabin
    • Complete Shackteau exterior
    • Begin prepping cabin for demo ~ start with bookshelves
    • Community Circle

    Heart Circle

    October will be @ Augury’s

    The Faerie Ball: Under the Faerie Moon

    Sunday 21st November @ Saloon. Thunder & Monkey are focalizing.

    • Looking for silent auction items
    • Augury will be reading Tarot
    • Bring a friend or 10 or more
    • This is an urban non-camping way to meet faeries

    Financial Report

    Ehsea provided.  Gathering brought in profit similar to past years. We are in good financial standing.

    Forward to Next Circle

    • Discussion topic ~ what DO we want on the Sanctuary land after the Cabin comes down?
    • Complete scheduling out one year of Community Circles
    • Who to work on language / signage / manual for new Gathering attendees??

    Action Items

    Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
    Bogwalk cost estimates Oni / Scooter soon
    Notify people that Cabin is getting vacated Snake before Woodcutter's
    Change October Heart Circle location Snake right away
    Announce October Heart Circle location Augury soon
    Signage / manual of "rules", guidelines, etc. ??? before Spirit Gath 2011
    call Land Purchase Grrrls circle White Ash soon
    find / buy storage bin containers ??? before Woodcutter's


    Submitted by White Ash