Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Friday November 19, 2010 – Mecca & Sky's, Duluth

Next Two Circles

Wednesday January 19, 2010, 7-9pm – location tbd
Saturday February 19, 2010, most of the day – Annual Circle, Minneapolis – location tbd


Augury, Centaur, E!ureka*, Earl the Pearl, Kiva*, Mecca*, Scooter*, Sky, Snake Woman, Teddy Bear, White Ash*

* indicates Steward (5/13=quorum)

We started with tours of Sky & Mecca's sumptuous home, a veggie chile dinner that blew our socks off, including GF items like corn muffins, Kiva's lemon bread, and brownies. We circled in front of the cackling fire.


Woodcutter’s Ball

  • Foundation for Screen House reinforced by amazingly raising tha' sucka'. Kudos to butch outdoor faeries Scooter, Oni (others?). Should be much more level now, so pancake doe won't flow down the pan.
  • Cabin got another round of cleaning and purging in anticipation of it coming down; nothing put into storage as of yet
  • Sidthe & Tumble put shingles on Shackteau
  • Usual winterization happened
  • White Ash-inclusive meals were prepared, even though she wasn't there

Tea House

Suggestion of tent structure (in it's place, or as it's worked on? I can't remember)

Land Purchase

  • Davis sent letter of offer at our lowest amount; have yet to hear back. She said they often are very slow with communications (surprise!!)
  • Owners visited for 5 days. Ask Kiva or other attendees @ Circle for the dish.
  • Realtor was asked to come by ~ perhaps for an appraisal?

Scheduling future Circles

Re-evaluating the (most of the time) 19th rhythm ~ has it worked / failed? Not clear, but have heard more gumblings than praise.

  • IDEA: get a sense of individual needs / schedules / rhythms @ Annual Circle

In the past, locations have been (1) Cities (2) Duluth (3) Kawashaway, with an occasional (4) Hinckley-type location. Here's what we proposed at this Circle:

  • One configuration of Circles is two Skype-enabled locations ~ one in the Cities and one in Duluth.
    • Could be easier for weekday night scheduling
    • Less traveling, gas, time
    • Mixes face-to-face with the electronic.
    • Would change location configuration to: (1) Cities/Duluth (2) Kawashaway (3) Hinckley-type.
  • Face-to-Face all together would / could happen:
    • Feb in person @ Annual Circle @ (fingers crossed) Otterly’s
    • Lammas in August
    • Other ¼’ly get togethers, like @ Cassidy's in Hinckley.
  • At Kawashaway:
    • Lammas
    • Spring time (non-work-weekend-specific, so there isn't conflict of desires)
  • Here's a first stab by WA ~ Augury to continue fleshing out and propose to Circle ~ or jump in with your thoughts:
    • Dec ~ consensed to skipping
      (Note: it has since been proposed by redWing that Sunday 19 Dec become a Faerie Ball Wrap-Up and / or Yule Solstice party / ritual)
    • Jan ~ Wed 19th 7-9pm ~ our first Skype in the Cities / Duluth? Possibly
      WA's / SkyMecca's
    • Feb ~ Sun 19th 10-6pm? ~ Annual Circle in Mpls (@ Otterly's?)
    • Mar ~ Mpls/Duluth Skype
    • April ~ Mpls/Duluth Skype
    • May ~ ¼’ly @ Cassidy's in Hinckley
    • June ~ Kawashaway
    • July ~ Mpls/Duluth Skype
    • August ~ Kawashaway @ Lammas

Who to work on welcoming language / signage / manual for new Gathering attendees??

  • Kiosk at entry (à la Destiny) ~ with intro language; permanent; solar motion sensor light. 
  • Car parking form (à la Short Mountain) so we know who and when
  • Revamp How to Kawashaway doc from past ~
    • basics of where to tent, eat, fire
    • our “rules”
    • Well, Lola Trixie, Scullery, Stove ~ pretty, laminate and hang on it

Discussion topic ~ what DO we want on the Sanctuary land after the Cabin comes down?

Some ideas that came through:

  • Large yurt structure
    • Octagonal or decagon
    • Big enough to gather / circle
    • Platform
    • Up away from Screen House (outta' Mom's hair)
    • Rain- bug- critter-resistant,
    • Naturally lit
    • Space for 20-30 can sit in circle, massage circle, event
    • Possibly in woods between main path and south back from compost towards parking lot
    • Lot line is a consideration (we can figure out with pin lines)
    • Which way do we access it?
    • Heating & optional ventilation
    • Scooter has been researching; WA knows someone who knows someone
  • Renting a large tent as a separate event spot in the clearing
  • A canopy ~ tarp on stakes ~ still in open, but have rain and sun shelter ~ this has been nice at past Gaths
  • Sleeping space:  An additional Shackteau-ish building every three years or so
    • little screen porches?
  • Cabinettes
    • Idea: you can build a Shackteau-like structure, with community consensus, then you get to stay in it @ Lammas for 5 years; ultimately, it becomes the community’s.
  • Platform with Screen Tent
  • Screen building towards sweat lodge ~ a silent to very quiet hermitage space for meditation / reading / quiet
  • Using Pr*d% canopy for smokers
  • Idea ~ would be nice to have a model of the land for discussing what goes where


Dock company ~ Scooter contacted re: using their process on semi-dry land (yes); driving ATV across for building materials (don’t know); very stable & very easily adjustable. Very rough estimate $5000. Need to assess.

Financial Report

There was no financial report.

Forward to Next Circle

  • Check-in on Welcoming projects
  • Discussion topic ~ what do we want from our Annual Circle in Feb?

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Locate "How To Kawashaway" doc Scooter Jan Circle
Mapping for newbies E! & Scooter Jan Circle
Car parking form E! Jan Circle
Research yurt options Scooter & WA Jan Circle
Assess bogwalk to figure out costs for using dock company option Scooter & Oni  
Research tent rental / purchase options Kiva Jan Circle
Contact Lark re: canopy WA Jan Circle
Model of the land E! & Scooter  
Flesh out Community Circle schedule till Lammas Augury December


Submitted by White Ash con amore