Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Wednesday January 19, 2011 – Bi-Location ~ WA's in Mpls & SkyMecca's in Duluth

Next Two Circles

Saturday February 19, 2011 – Annual Circle, Otterly's in Mpls
March ~ tbd –Bi-Location ~ WA's in Mpls & SkyMecca's in Duluth


Lilly of the Valley of the Dolls*, Mecca*, Oni*,wEtDiRt*, White Ash*, Sky, Teddy Bear

* indicates Steward (5/13=quorum)

Duluth was coming off a steak and shrimp dinner with champagne and caviar. Mpls had a Mockamole made from beans with cornchips (=allergen). You be the judge.

This was the first time we tried bi-locating via Skype. It was not 100% embraced. There's a need to speak loudly, and some requests for repeating. It creates an us vs. them dynamic. It is impossible to pick up on all non-verbal cues. That said, it made it easier for folks to meet on a weekday night, gave wEtDiRt tons of vamping opportunities, and reduced our carbon footprint. We decided that for some Circles in challenging weather months, it could be adequate. Preference is to not make big decisions via Skyped Circle.


Finanical Report

Ehsea submitted.

Land Purchase Update

Offer has been made, and follow-up call placed by our lawyer Davis. They are notoriously very slow to respond. Land Purchase grrrlz met at the end of Jan. Referring to the 5-year budget plan, we suggest prioritizing Sanctuary projects (cabin, bogwalk, yurt'ish structure[s]) over land purchase. Idea: purchase 1/2 greenhouse for storage while Cabin comes down.

White Ash is connecting with an artist / jewler (knows Klick & Braeburn Blue) who builds gorgeous yurts. Possible to contract him to overview project while we do the work. WA setting up date to go to his place in Mpls to visit his yurts and get to know him better ~ will make general announcement inviting Community members along if they like.

Annual Circle

Saturday Feb 19
Noon - 4pm
4452 Portland Ave S.
Minneapolis, MN 55407

  • Snail mailing. Hmmmm. This was a bullet point, but beyond including something from the Land Purchase Grrls, we did not nail this down...
  • Sky ~ opening ritual
  • Land Purchase update
  • State of the Skirt
  • Steward Renewals
  • Officers
    • Co-Keepers of the Royal Fabric ~ Oni / Scooter
    • Keeper of the Royal Dish ~ open
    • Keeper of the Royal Beads ~ Ehsea? (fingers crossed)
  • Bring pillow, place setting & serving utensils, potluck item
  • Discuss future Circle dates (see below)
  • Puppy pile & Movie night
  • Spa Day & Pancakes breakfast on Sunday (ask for donations, invite non-Faes)

Website Contact Info

Several Stewards feel it would be desirable to create a more generic email address for our website, like BlowYourSkirtUp@Kawashaway.org, that forwards to a couple / three Stewards, and asking Two Bears if he wants to be part of that list. Whoever responds first does a "reply all" so we know the person has been contacted back. Oni said he would be willing to be one of the people on the forward list.


Is at Miracle's. Store there until MayDay for tabling. Bring up to Land after.

Future Circle Dates

We felt the 19th was not working. Also, the floating dates from the year before did not seem to produce the results we thought they might. We talked about returning to regularity of the 3rd Sunday of the month. That looks something like this:

  • Feb 19 (Saturday)~ Annual Circle
  • Mar 20 ~ Mpls/Duluth Skype
  • April 17 ~ Cassidy's in Hinckley
  • May 15 ~ Duluth
  • June 19 ~ Kawashaway (this is Father's Day)
  • July 17 ~ Mpls
  • August ~ Kawashaway @ Lammas

Want to check in with what works for folks @ Annual Circle.

Forward to Next Circle

  • Welcome Projects (March)

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Snail mailing for Annual Circle ??? soon
Locate "How To Kawashaway" doc Scooter Mar Circle
Mapping for newbies E! & Scooter Mar Circle
Car parking form E! Mar Circle
Research yurt options Scooter & WA Mar Circle
Assess bogwalk to figure out costs for using dock company option Scooter & Oni Mar Circle
Research tent rental / purchase options Kiva Mar Circle
Contact Lark re: canopy WA done
Model of the land E! & Scooter Mar Circle or ?


Submitted by Lilly & White Ash