Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date ~ ANNUAL CIRCLE!

Saturday February 19, 2011 – Otterly's, Minneapolis

Next Two Circles

Sunday March 20, 2011 – Bi-location, Sky & Mecca's Duluth / White Ash in Mpls
Sunday April 17, 2011 – Hinckley


Around 20 faes


Land purchase update

Report by WA, E! & Lilly. Refers to Email that went out yesterday 2-18?, offer has been made by US, and the people that own the land have not been responsive. We are working thru Davis ~ a lawyer, the current owners are vague and in disarray. There has not been two way communication , not because of Kasa. 
Have we heard anything substantive?  Not a go away message to US, very little, someone else other than whom we have attempted to communicate with, has to get back to us, more vagueness…...
They were up there b4 gathering, some work, roof repairs attempted, They did a good thing by removing garbage from that land. 
A realtor was asked to come on the land to price an assessment, she left in a hurry.

Fairy Camp Destiny is our fiscal agent: in order to continue the deduction for taxes from our donors, no fees charged, 0% fiscal agentry. 
Discussion about OUR needs for 
Lump sum contributions, or monthly contributions with a reminder (Wolf said, that if he had a monthly reminder from the land purchase fund committee, that he would be more apt to be able to make a monthly offering/ payment to honor his yearlong financial committment). Equus reminded him /   US that we can use our own online banking with a designated amount automatically paid from each Faes account directly deposited into the Land Purchase Fund account. Or route it into and Through the Camp Destiny route to get a Tax deduction or directly in the land Purchase  account.

New thoughts by US/ the circle,  are while we wait for any affirmation of accepting our purchase offer, that we can use a portion of the Funds,  to start doing Kasa repairs, maintenance, bog walk, + etc.

    • replacing the bogwalk
    • deconstruction of the log cabin
    • creation of an alternate indoor-ish gathering space, and
    • completion of the ShackTOE
    There is space on the land purchase committee, looking for new members, contact current members, circles once a month, or every other month,


    What did we do: Success A new ridge cap was put on the summer kitchen, and the south side was raised and footings made sturdier, jack tools were butch and really fun to work with, next step is to move to the middle of the screen house to lift up and refit to , The old original logs have rotted and sunk into the under summer kitchen flooring, into the ground swamp,
    Success -  a new sink dishwashing, ONI found the sink at a restaurant supplier in Hudson, WI,  thence , Scooter transported, A Thanks ssssssssssssssssss! Was given.
    Oni says we are getting close to getting The shakto? done, and E! Volunteered to make sure we can get an entrance ramp installed for accessability. Augury says, a sturdy handrail is sufficient, so maybe a no ramp is needed, yet again, others may need a ramp for access.

    BOG walk ( potential Success: Scooter went to the closing of a Menard's Store  and picked up 5 1/4"rs X 6" X footage lengths, he says the wood is not gold platted but was 50% off, bog walk is 240 feet long, square footage, to use for 112 ft out of 240 feet. He , Scooter got 48 hand knotching rails, and they are stored at Scooters home outside, he rented a trailer, to purchase and pay for the bog walk materials

    Big decisions about taking down the old cabin, and the need to replace the bog walk so as to bring in construction materials,  Fall clean out purges of stuff that have been taken out and tossed /trash out  of the log cabin, and we are getting closer to the stuff we want to keep in a temporary storage shelter, and while we are working on that we can start to figure out what are our needs w/o an old cabin,
    Then decide what to put up or wait for up to five years, to replace it with. Oni is searching or has found a ten by Ten foot, temp zippered shelter, then about and figuring out a different location, yurt, screen house, for ther uses, that could be happening at the same time that the land is fallow, with old cabin is gone, so we have a place for circles during rain days, linked to fundraising, a few thousand dollars for yurt or hex. Interests in reusing what is there as of yet, recycling as bog walk, nope,
    Whole new process of bog walk, getting a burning permit, to do a transformation ritual of buring the remaining wood materials, that all of the carcinogens in materials are first removed,
    Timeline, Bog walk first finished for handling new materials,
    Snake maybe has a list of what was left after the purge of items, and snake found Sparky the Wonder squirrel shrine, the fruit is still missing,
    Lark was asking, What will happen to the library in  the old cabin, books, it is nice to have the library,
    Shelving in the screen house, back half of Shactoe, to be used for storage while big cabin is coming down,
    Bog welcome,  comment, sturdy enough? ( $4000.00) a muck support under the current logs or new structure,  so that we can drive a small ATV rented for the weekend,  to haul building materials from the parking lot to the clearing for building projects. 
    WA says several yurts built by a Mpls. jeweler,
    Questions about the screen house, where is the DVD of the construction, of the screen house, nOi ,is complaining about a lack of hammer, but to finish…..

    STATE of the Skirt

    state of  financial report. See Eshea for a detailed report, via email

    Faerie Ball funds

    All money from the Faerie Ball fundraiser, except for $97, was misappropriated. The Stewards were informed, and a subset of Stews (Ehsea, White Ash, E!ureka & Lilly) have been working very closely with the fae concerned, and a payback plan with promissory note and accountability is in place.
    A proposal for changes or a process to protect our money at events or fundraisers, so  our fae community, the  money raised,  at events will be a responsibility of two stewards, deposit within a window of time,

    Policy Proposal (to come to consensus @ March Circle) {note this is edited by WA who has since heard from Ehsea} For each major event, two Stewards are designated to count funds and sign tally sheet; one of those two Stewards gets funds to KORB within 3 business days, and she will make the deposit within one week's time. When on the land, timeline begins on return from gathering.

    CAKE dessert/ Stretch BREAK TIME, etc.

    Steward renewals and officers

    • Kiva reupped via email before
    • Braeburn
    • Oni ~ Co-Keeper of the Royal Fabric
    • WA
    • Mecca
    • Ehsea ~ Keeper of the Royal Beads
    • E!ureka ~ Keeper of the Royal Dish
    • Scooter ~ Co-Keeper of the Royal Fabric
    • Monkey
    • Sidthe
    • Wolf
    • Snake reupped via email to WA after
    • Rocky reupped via email to WA after

    Lily is leaving in March, for Portland bois, job, Produce CSA- a whole season of vegis, leaving in March. We wish her well!! March 18th, going away party for Lilly, A Friday.

    Genericly speaking what befits Stewardship: , if questions, see our kasa website, but,
     have the best interests of our sacred lands as well as the community as a whole for the betterment of the community,
    a various financial gift , goes for a year,
    Try to be at a 50% of the circles, they are once a month,
    Addendum re-Scooter, as a steward, it was hard for me, but going to the Land Purchase circles or other circles, it has to do with your level of involvement and your level of commitment, the implication is that we want to have a quorum at a circle, and then we can't come to consensus if we don't,

    Future circle dates

    it was wierd = Skype that is, it worked but it was odd. Returning to the Third Sunday of the Month for Steward community, circles, , 2-19, 3-20th,4-17, 5-15, 6-19, 7-17, lamas to be determinded at Gathering, 

    Shacktoe  use issue

    stays at gathering, ramp discussion, reservations, six max fae occupants,  when in full use,
    Ask for the advanced request for the use of bldg.
    It has to be worked out between true needs, this is a complex discussion, the responsibility for assignment should not be on the shoulders of the Registrar , advanced signup before gathering signup deadline, notification in gathering call, and then a designated steward will be the assigner,  a welcome tent is still to be setup as part of that role, being specific about hospitality tent and the shack , and have signage for each places use.


    • Signage declaring the usage guidelines,
    • Shacta frau focalizer =  Sidthe, she spoke of her qualifications as a differently abled persona
    • Registrar to keep her up-to-date with requests,
    • She will stay in contact before and during Gath,
    • Will call on the rest of the Stews if more support is needed.

    Gathering dates reminder

    1st - 6th of July = Spirit gathering,
     Lammas = first Friday in August for 10 days


    Submitted by Braeburn Blue/Perry Ingli