Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Sunday March 20, 2011 – Bi-location: WA's in Mpls, SkyMecca's in Duluth

Next Two Circles

Sunday April 17, 2011 – Cassidy's in Hinckley
Sunday May 15, 2011 – Duluth


Ehsea*, E!ureka*, Kiva*, Mecca*, Scooter*, Sky, Sidthe*, Snake*, White Ash*, Wolf*, wEtDiRt

* indicates Steward (9/13=quorum)

White Ash led grounding exercise – The ocean is the beginning of the world – Tsunami


Event Policy for funds


For each major event, two Stewards are designated to count funds and sign tally sheet; one of those two Stewards gets funds to KORB within 3 business days, and she will then make the deposit within one week's time. When on the land, timeline begins on return from gathering.

Welcoming projects

Made list of things to pursue on the land to make it more welcoming for people. Check in on the status of that stuff. Mapping for newbies, car parking form, model of the land, kiosk in the parking lot – Out Land Dish (name of the kiosk), gentle usage of signs, scooter has the how-to book that Mumsy created (ehsea to scan at work), role of Grace – someone (or a few people to tag team) who for 24 hrs would pay attention to new arrivals on the land and pair the newbies up with someone who has some free time to show them the land (announce at dinner circle, sign up position like Ice Girl, etc.),

PO Box

Lost the PO Box back in November, do we still need one? Consensus says no and Scooter volunteered to use his address.


Use Scooter's address as our "official" address.

Need to update the website (White Ash), submit a Change of Address/Forwarding form to the post office (Scooter), RFD/all faerie tribes need to be alerted (Scooter), State of MN Corporation form (does it go to Oni? Kiva to check on that), Insurance-Property Tax-Bank information is being sent directly to Ehsea,

May Day

Discussion about us doing the block again. redWing can submit the application. White Ash suggested we table in the park this year. Two shifts of two people, set up & tear down people. How much does it cost for a table ($75)? Eureka suggested scouting out a prominent spot in the park – could do drumming, maypole. Wetdirt offered to leave stuff in his garage, across the street from the park. Snake is willing to volunteer in the morning. HOTB has information on their website about workshops. Can’t sell anything in the park, but can have literature. Consensus to order a table and sponsor a block. Someone needs to register (Sidthe will reserve the block and table and Ehsea will give him a check)

Faerie Ball funds

Getting promissory note signed by him; White Ash and Ehsea will sign and he will get a copy. $10 unemployed, $50 part time, $100 full time, payments due on 1st of the month. $0.25 a month since December (November?) for interest. Hasn’t made any payments yet, White Ash planning to get first payment tomorrow.

Heart Circles

Out of the last 4 heart circles, one was held at Augury’s house and Snake didn’t know if anyone showed up but no one else has shown up to his house. Spring Heart Circle kick off idea – bonfire. Skip April due to yard conditions and have it the Friday after May Day (May 6). White Ash to change April announcement informing no circle that month.

Letter & Tax question

White Ash to look up owner’s name of Udahoe to have Kiva see if they paid their property tax. Lake County Police Blotter online on Lake County Chronicle now – rather entertaining. Fundraising thank you letter & tax statements for people who donated money to FCD – White Ash has the letter that Destiny sends out at the end of the year and another form that has the tax ID on it. Land Purchase Girls get together to discuss the letters, tax statements, mailings and pass-through for the next year. Lilly has been a great Land Purchase Grrrrl ~ we are open to new folks who want to be LPG's.

Annual Circle debrief

White Ash wanted to debrief on the Annual Circles. Amazing annual circle this year but started to feel like a community circle in the end. Spirit of the Annual circle reflective of the year gone by and looking forward to the year coming. The last year discussion was mostly about structures, didn’t really have any discussions about major things that happened like members who passed away. Would be willing to be part of a sub-committee (wet dirt, eureka and wolf willing to volunteer also) to set the Circle up. Opening ceremonies (births, deaths, marriages, major life events, etc.), Visionorama (get canvas labyrinth to the cities to use at future annual circles). November – start the planning, by December – know the location, by January – work on the final details. Powerpoint presentations?

Lobby Day

Sky and Mecca April 14th lobby day (time?) working with Outfront MN to create events about marriage equality. 11am and will be speaking at the rally at noon. Workshops that morning 9am – 10am – 11am. Free at the state office building across from the capitol. Interested in lobbying? Sign up on the Outfront website.

Financial Report

Provided by Ehsea

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Create tally sheet form to be used for events for the stewards to fill out. (Name – event – amt of money) ? soon
Out Land Dish kiosk ? before Spirit Gath
Convert "How To Kawashaway" to digital Ehsea before Spirit Gath
Update website w/ Scooter's address White Ash asap
Submit a Change of Address/Forwarding form to the post office Scooter asap
Notify RFD/all faerie tribes re: new address Scooter asap
Check if State of MN Corporation form goes to Oni Kiva asap
May Day ~ confirm block sponsorship, and reserve info table Sidthe soon
Change Heart Circle announcements White Ash soon
Look up Udaho owner's names and see if property taxes being paid White Ash & Kiva soon
Land Purchase Grrls reconvene re: eoy letter, 2011-2012 fundraising, pass-through LPG's like several months ago


Submitted by Ehsea