Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Sunday June 19 , 2011 – Kawashaway Sanctuary  (The Official Circle)

Next Two Circles

Lammas Gathering @ Kawashaway
future dates tbd


Kiva*, Monkey*, Oni*, Thomas

* indicates Steward (3/13= quorum not met)



We discussed the responsibility of Stewards to read and understand the bi-laws of the community.

Prepping the Land

There was a work weekend in May but only Tumbleweed attended. (Thanks Tumbleweed!) Lots of work needs to be done before Gatherings. (General cleaning & organizing, plumbing needs to be hooked up, trees are down in the clearing and on trails and will need to be cut. Thanks Thomas for mowing the lawn this weekend.

Lammas Prep

Has there been progress in planning the Llamas Gathering? Is someone working on the call? Monkey and Neuget have offered to help with food planning. Additional Pantry Divas may be needed since Monkey and Neuget will not be attending the entire Gathering. Time is running out to get food organized.

Cabin Tear Down

We discussed the tear down of the old cabin and ideas for the new structure. Monkey suggested that the good top logs from the cabin could be sold or milled for use in the new structure. Oni will look into the cost of milling. It may be cost prohibited.

Shackteau Status

Discussed the need to finish the Shackteau. Eaves, soffit and trim need completing. Not hard work but slow detail work. Can we schedule a work weeked? All material are already on the land for completing the Shackteau.


Discussed the bog walk replacement. Oni will visit a resort up the Gunflint Trail to look at a bogwalk system that is similaar to the one Scooter has proposed. Oni will report on his findings.

Submitted by Kiva