Salon @ FSG ~ Children at Gathering



At Faerie Spirit Gathering in 2011, Raising Gaze called for a Salon revolving around having children on the land during Gathering and generally @ Kawashaway. These are the unofficial notes ~ not to be construed with "official" Community Circle notes.

Salon talk about Children at Kawashaway


  • Children in faerie Space- Questions
  1. What are we afraid of?
  2. What is the risk?
  3. Who is responsible for reprimanding children?
  4. Could it be beneficial for children to be exposed to Faeries?
  5. We either discuss this now or we discuss it when children show up/
  • Options
    • People with younger children could feel free to be there, but they would have to be responsible for their children.
    • Figuring out a way to be sex-positive with teens around, but letting them know that they are legally dangerous and can’t engage with adults.
    • We as a community need to deal with our own predatory behavior when it comes to 18-22 year old.- These people do not feel comfortable in Faerie space because of this behavior.
    • People seem okay with pre-teens, but not teens- however aging out of the faeries seems unfair.
    • New people should not bring their children. Guardians should be familiar with the land and community before brining their children.
    • Some Faeries have an adverse reaction to having children present and feel that it would impact the community in a negative way.

    Lovingly shared by Quill